Delivery time of an Altair G1

My dealer has ordered an Altair G1 for me right at start of the year. When can I expect delivery for Switzerland?

At present we hear very disturbing news from China, most of all of course from the Wuhan region, concerning the 2019n CoVirus. I do hope wholeheartedly that @Xuanqian and his staff won‘t be affected by the disease. Anyhow, I wouldn‘t be surprised if many deliveries from China would be delayed, at least in the near future. The Aries G1 I ordered on the 10th January (from my German dealer) was promised to be delivered during the month of March. However, now I‘m all but sure that this will be the case.

Again: I wish @Xuanqian, his staff, family and friends all the luck and, most of all, health!


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I second that, with each new day the news only seems to be getting worse, really wish the Chinese people all the best in these trying times.

With regards to delivery periods (and it’s only my guess) I suspect Auralic will be currently experiencing an increase in demand due to the fave reviews of their products over the last several months. If the workforce hasn’t increased to meet that demand then waiting times may be a natural result.

Recent country events obviously will not help but I think Auralic’s profile with regards to quality high performance audio has taken a meteoric climb and is probably giving Xuanqian a minor headache, all be it a nice one for a CEO to have.

Mind you, when a product is that good, it’s certainly worth waiting for!

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I certainly second those good thoughts and prayers. However, regarding delivery of the Altair G1 specifically, the Auralic product page lists it as “Sold Out”, so there may not be any further deliveries unless they have some in their warehouse and some dealers may also have some stock left.

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Thanks for all your thoughts and feedback. But @Redbeemer: which product page do you refer to? I didn’t find any „sold out“ hint.

Didn’t know that Auralic production sites or HQ were located in the Corona virus hot spot areas. So we all hope that all Auralics will stay healthy!

I’ve just looked at Auralic’s US web site and they still appear to be available from that store, also looked at a few UK dealers and they still have stock showing as well.

May be the “out of stock” reports are local in nature so it might be worth chasing the importer for the area for a more accurate update.

I just checked the Auralic Product page and now the Altair G1 is NOT listed as Sold Out, so perhaps they sold out of their initial production run and, based on this item’s popularity, made another batch to satisfy the demand. Glad to see that.

Audionext is the German importer of AURALiC products who supplies all retail sellers in Germany but runs a webshop for ultimate buyers as well. Inside the Audionext webshop Altair G1 is indicated as „DEMNÄCHST VERFÜGBAR!“ (available soon) and as „bestellbar“ (orderable) which means that it‘s obviously out of stock.

Funny: When you switch from German to English language Altair G1 vanishes from the webpage.

BTW, I checked several websites of retail sellers in Germany for Altair G1. It seems to be out of stock everywhere, but is none the less marked as orderable.


Hi guys:

Our office and factory in China has shut down for the coronavirus epidemic before Chinese lunar new year holiday. Luckily, no employee from AURALIC has been infected by far, they have been placed on paid off or requested to work at home remotely. We will let you updated for the latest progress there.


That’s good news, @Xuanqian. We wish you luck!


Hi @Xuanqian,

That’s great news regarding your staff, wish you all the very best through this difficult time.

Take care.

Ive been waiting a month for an Aries G2 and suspected this was a problem. Small bikkies to wait compared to your problems - i am in no hurry.

This sort of communication helps set you apart from the rest and i wish you all well at Auralic during this time.


Totally agree, the personal support Auralic and in particular @Xuanqian gives to this forum is second to none.

Don’t believe I’ve come across another that actually has the top man himself discussing issues so openly and keeping the users as well informed as this one.

I purchased Naim years ago due to the after sales service, I’m now buying Auralic for the same reason!

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