Deezer Integration


Maybe nothing to it, but rumours again that Tidal may go under In the near future. It would be nice to have access on Lightning to other Flac streamers such as Deezer and Qobuz. I’m currently airplaying Deezer to my Aries. Any chance of a similar integration as Tidal?


Auralic provides access to Qobuz and recommends it for audio quality.


+1 for Deezer Hi-Fi integration. I currently subscribe to a 30 days trial and I was amazed by sheer amount of music album it has over Tidal.


Sadly qobuz is not currently available in North America. But Deezer is.


Dear Xuanqian,

We know that Deezer Hifi integration is part of Auralic roadmap.
According to you, can we hope a release for first quarter 2018 ?

I’m also really waiting for it, as I had been quite disappointed with Tidal offer.

Thank you



It is in the list but not on the top. We have quite a lot of other stuffs that need to complete before we can actually look into Deezer.


Any news on Deezer integration? I prefer to use Deezer, both in regards to selection and UI on other platforms.

Thanks for looking into this.


I was going to sign up with Deezer but I guess that’s a no go. :astonished: :frowning_face:

I don’t understand why Lightning DS isn’t compatible with all the service providers? It seems akin to a TV that can only receive one or two channels. Who wants to buy a separate device for every channel? You’d sell a lot more of these in every market if the choice wasn’t so limited.


+1 for Deezer integration.


gents, why don’t you just use small computers into good or great dacs?
you would all have best compatibility in the world without waiting for anyone to update anything… all streaming services at their best… all possible audio players, control apps in your phones or tablets…


Computer is not designed for audio optimisation such as noise, isolation and functionality software. That’s why we have dedicated audio streamers designed specially for that in mind.


regarding software functionality lighting ds app is years behind iTunes or jriver

btw, have you got ANY measurements to back up your claims ( noise and isolation)?

shouldn’t that be sorted by the dac? so yo can use the crappiest of all computers and still have pristine sound?


I used JRiver before but DS app is more easy to use; more streamline and simple. Roon is another software which is still the best in its class, one can use this with Auralic Roon Ready streamers.

Generally, PC is more noisier due to the followings:-
a. PC has a few hundred to thousand of threads running (Windows and Mac OS) in the background compared to a dedicated streamer with only a few for audio applications. The lesser threads, the lesser noise.
b. PC has multiple devices connected at USB ports, this can inject noise from and into it; when a USB DAC is connected, noise can propagate into it.

However, this can be easily solved by
a. mounting an DAC on as an endpoint such as Auralic Aries; using Roon running on a PC.
b. Using galvanic isolation like a USB regen
c. If you prefer to use PC, Roon offers Roon ROCK, a dedicated streamlined Linux OS running on Roon software (has the a few threads running on the background) as opposed to Windows and Mac OS.


I use DEEZER mostly because you can read the lyrics while you play a track.

–> Will this feature also be available with the “DEEZER that will be integrated into ARIES” ?



Just tried out Deezer over the weekend, and their playlist and curated music services are lightyears ahead of TIDAL. Any news on the Deezer integration?

I’m ready to make the shift, but I need some kind of aknowlegement that Auralic is going to integrate Deezer (with Hi-Fi support) at some point. Bluesound is already there…would hate to change my streamer just to get a specific music service.

In my optics it would have been better to spend time on the Deezer integration instead of Spotify Connect. Deezer and TIDAL er lossless streaming services, Spotify is not…and isn’t audio quality the main reason we use products like Auralic?


You are right, the sound quality is the primary driven factor for us. The Deezer integration may come someday but if you have Qobuz in your country then you should have a try, it sound quite amazing.


I got Chrome Cast Audio $35 and AudioQuest Carbon 3.5mm Mini Toslink. Chrome cast stream Deezer Hifi to Altair for DAC. I buy extra iFi SPDIF iPurifier Optical Toslink Noise Cleaner for Chrome cast, but I think Altair really do good job with out iPurifier


I, too, would love to see Deezer integration.



Auralic promises Deezer integration for more than a year now…
And still no release date announced…

So, Vega G2 web page is what must be called false advertising :

Why doing that ? Apart from deceiving customers and let them believe that Deezer is integrated in the Vega G2 ?


Apple Music and Deezer is not native streaming in Auralic ecosystem. You must use their apps in your iPad and Airplay to Auralic Vega G2.

I think Auralic should make it a little clearer here.