Crosstalk from cable box on Altair headphone jack

I am getting some noise from my cable box when I listen to headphones on my Altair G1.
Any suggestions how to rid myself of this nuisance. I have a Furman 15A noise and power conditioner, running the coax cables through the Furman. Seems either the jack or the headphone cables are acting as antenas and picking up a faint signal from the Xfinity Cable Box. I moved the Altair up one position with my Oppo 4K DVD player in between but no change.

what kind of signal?

It is the audio from the cable box, faint but there and distorted, people’s voices which if I turn on TV I can see they are synced with what is going on screen

If you turn the volume of your TV all the way down to zero, will you still hear the audio from your headphone?

Volume of the TV has no effect on the issue, not coming from the TV. TV on or off same interference/noise in the headphones. It seems to be picking up RF from the cable box. If I turn the cable box off then it goes away but I want my cable box on all the time for recording programs. I have tried other headphones to see if the headphone cable was acting as an antenna but no matter what I plug into the headphone jack on the Altair it seems to be getting this interference indicating it is something the the Altair acting as an antenna, the jack or some internal component in the headphone circuitry. I do not get this noise when running the Altair through my amp and loudspeakers.
I may have to rearrange my equipment in my media cabinet to move the Altair as far away as possible from the cable box but not sure that will completely fix the issue and or come up with some sort of shielding. Thanks for you responses, let me know what you think might resolve this.

Talked to another engineer and I have been thinking about this problem for a while. What I want to do is to see if the interfering coming from air (RF) or from any wire. My guess is if the signal is coming from air, then the noise should get lower when you move the ALTAIR awal from the cable box, or you can simply move them closer and see if the noise is getting louder. If the noise is coming through any wire, that movement will not affect noise level.

Let me know what you can find out and we can go through next step to fix it.

Out of town for a week but I will experiment with it and let you know when I return

I tried moving the cable box as far away as I could from the Altair, no change, distance not the issue. But in moving it far away I pulled the RCA cables out that send sound to my reciever for listening to TV through my hifi and the crosstalk disapeared. Seems it was a cable issue. I tried my best RCA with supposedly superior sheilding, no effect. So for now I will live without being able to run my TV sound through my hifi, sound is good through the Martin Logan sound bar I have anyway. Mystery solved, thanks for your continued support on this issue. Happy Altair G1 user- Ron

HiFi-stereo and TV - that‘s a never ending story. Since some years ago I consequently separated both worlds from each other, many annoying issues vanished. If this radical solution is out of question you might consider to replace the RCA cables with a TOSLINK connection. It might possibly help due to galvanic isolation TOSLINK provides.


There should be a way to work out. If I understand correctly, ALTAIR G1 is connecting to something and cable box is connection to something, are both (ALTAIR G1 and cable box) connect to same device? A AV receiver?

Yes that would be great but the toslink from the cable box goes to my Martin Logan Motion which we use for regular tv and movie viewing and it sounds great. Just thought I would also have a tv output to my hifi. I can do without running my tv through my hifi and it has nothing to do with the Altair G1. It just seems that once I plugged cables into the cable box it starts putting out noise which the Altair picked up in the headphone jack. It did not matter what those cables were plugged into or even not plugged into the noise began as soon as RCA cables were attached to the cable box. Interestingly enough the noise did not show up in the headphone jack in my receiver. Apparently my receiver has better shielding than the Altair.

No the cable box is not connected to Altair in any way. I merely ran RCA cables to my receiver which the Altair is also attached via RCA cables to the receiver for playing music through my hifi system. Even when I unplugged the cables from the receiver as long as they were attached to the cable box the noise persisted. I play tv and movie sound through a good quality sound bar so I really do not need to run tv sound through my receiver. My solution is to just remove that connection. My Altair and DVD/CD transport are the sources for the hifi and the tv cable box plays through the sound bar which works fine.