Controling the Aries Mini from Smart TV / PS4

Is there a way to control the Aries Mini (OpenHome? UPnP?) from a 2017 Samsung Smart TV (Tizen, not Android) or a PS4? I’d like to use an app on one of those devices that can display currently played song and controls. Is it possible?

Partly. I haven’t tried this but if you have an AppleTV you should be able to mirror an iPad or iPhone display to your TV. Some apps block mirroring (usually pay to view TV streaming apps), so long as LDS works with screen mirroring you’ll see it. Control will still be by the i device though.

Thanks for your idea Chris. Unfortunately this solution has two flaws - my iPhone would be unusable during this time and I still would need to use it for control. My idea was to use a small pc (NUK/Raspberry) with OpenHome software, but I was hoping to achieve it with the hardware I have - a smart TV or the PS4

If you can install an UPnP control software on your TV, you can probably select this ARIES MINI and let the App to pull status out and showing on your TV. However, you should never try to use that App to control your ARIES MINI.

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