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Hi everyone,

I’m probably missing something, because I can’t seem to find any topics on this, but here goes: Is there a way to have LDS shuffle through my entire library (internal HDD on an Aries Mini), without me having to create a ginormous que?

And related to that question: is there an option to have LDS just continue on to the next song or next album when the last one is done?

Thanks a bunch!

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When the playback queue is empty, you will see a button inside queue interface named ‘Play Now’. Click this button and Lightning DS will generate a queue randomly from your library and push to the device. The maximum queue is 999 tracks which should last to play for at least a week.

It‘s very interesting, but in German i could Unterstand the last Details,too.

I saw another thread that was closed. Here is what is requested. In Tidal, you select and artist and then you can see top tracks. But when I select the top track on the list after the track is complete it does not got to the next track. It stops playing. Can you add the function to keep playing top tracks one after another?

It’s very inconvenient that can’t go to next track automatically.
Please implement the functionality in Lightning DS.


Apparently, this only works with my local music files, but not with Tidal. Is there a way to take advantage of the “autoplay” feature, within Lightning DS, that Tidal already provides?

Unfortunately, it wont work with any online content.