Connection Issue when starting LDS and Waking Aries Mini

Has anyone else experienced a “delay” or failure for the two to communicate/connect when waking from sleep, I often see the “Opps” dialogue (ie library, server or device not found) and “MyAries” is missing at the top of the iPad display being instead replaced by “No Device” (or similar).

I first believed this to be a network issue but if LDS is closed and reopened then the two quite often link up with no problem.

I don’t appear to have any issue actually streaming either flac radio stations or music when using AirPlay, and content which is now on a usb stick also plays with no problems, in fact I’ve never experienced any drop-outs, stutters or dropped connection while playing music, that part of the process is always stable and solid and plays happily for hours at a time.

It’s just this initial start up phase, and because the trick of closing and reopening LDS seems to provide a “fix” I suspect it could have more to do with the LDS app itself. I’m running LDS version 5.4 on iPad mini 2 with iOS 12.3.1 and connect via 5Ghz wireless. I also have no problem seeing Aries on my network and moving files from iMac via Finder.

So, would appreciate any advice or thoughts on this glitch, many thanks.

Take a look at the other thread i started. Similar problem with the G1 - a lot of people with the same problem

Thank you, found your post and the replies by others experiencing same, very interesting, of particular note was a comment by Larry2much in that he’s noticed playing a track often kickstarts things going again, I assume after first selecting “Just Start-Up”, coincidently I’ve done similar but with Radio.

I also get success as said previously by closing the LDS app, then immediately re-open it again, that then seems to find the device and the library.

I’ll monitor your post from now on but if the same is happening across different Auralic products with different routers then I’m not convinced it’s hardware or network related, my guess is it has more to do with the LDS app itself.

Thank you for the reply. There are for sure quite a lot of components/software potentially causing problems. Network, wireless configuration, IOS, LDS, hardware, firmware…
My point is, that when many users - with all different setup’s are reporting this issue - Auralic should take the problem seriously…which they apparently don’t…

I concur, although I’ve only been with the community a short while I’m becoming a little uneasy with regards to how Auralic support issues.

The hardware appears to be first class from what I’ve experienced so far in my limited time of usage but unfortunately when requiring software to control such items it’s essential that software is developed and maintained to the same standard.

Saying that I understand these things happen and with a product such as the Aries Mini which is about value for money I can forgive some minor issues if the core of the product works well (and mine works very well in deed), but if I’d paid several thousands on their top kit I don’t think I could be so forgiving.

I’ve alway considered the true test of a great company is not about having no issues (that’s life), it’s how they respond to correct them.

I’ve been following through on what’s been discussed in the other discussion and thankfully employing LDS restarts and/or playing the last track prior to sleep gets me going again, but it would be nice if someone from Auralic could review why this is really necessary rather than being dismissive in putting it down to owners network.

Anyhow, thanks for pointing me in the right direction with regards to your discussion, it’s comforting to know I’m not alone and haven’t mis-setup my system.

Do you have the possibility to test it “wired” with a RJ45 cable ?
We have seen several times on the board that even with 5Ghz there are kinda drop off…

Unfortunately no, the modem/router is too far away from my hifi setup to cable, the former being upstairs and the latter downstair, that was primarily done in the early days to separate the noisy side of equipment from the sensitive’s ones (and now I’ve put a streamer in my hifi rack, go figure!).

Just to be clear though, this is only an issue during the initial wakeup/LDS connection stage, once that’s sorted it performs brilliantly and I’ve yet to experience any kind of drop-outs during actual playing, and I’ve played the Aries Mini for 6 to 7 hours at a time, not one hiccup in all that streaming which is very good in deed in my book.

I did notice when first setting everything up that the wireless 5Ghz option did show slightly less bar strength than 2Ghz (hard to gauge just from the icons) so initially chose the latter for it’s distance carrying abilities, but because this startup connection issue has been happening from day one I later switched to 5Ghz because I intended to start streaming flac and thought the better speed an advantage in such cases.

Saying that I’ve never had issues before with 5Ghz reaching all parts of the house largely due (I believe) to how it’s built, it has no solid internal walls and plan area is not that large due to the fact it’s a typical uk semi, the wireless signal just doesn’t have that far to travel no mater where devices are located.

I realise when dealing with issues of this nature it’s not always straight forward when trying to point the finger but because closing and reopening LDS appears to sort this out (most of the time anyhow) I can’t help thinking the app has a lot to do with it, as to why it’s happening to some and not all, could that just be down to how bugs work and what makes them so hard to resolve sometimes.

I’m going to continue playing around a little, when I have time will switch back to 2Ghz to see if it makes any difference now I’ve settled down with the system (didn’t before but who knows) and might even try deleting LDS off iPad mini 2 to start again. Will also continue to watch the other discussion regarding this issue for any further pointers.

I suppose all setups can have issues and as this one goes it’s not too bad, after all the main streaming part is faultless and that’s probably what really counts, it’s just I read a lot before jumping and getting an Auralic streamer, not just because of the great hardware and sound quality, but because reports said software was generally very good and glitch free.

If i remember well Xuanqian advise 2.4 over 5 for stability reasons…

Or go wired connection. I wired my Mini to a Linksys RE6500 range extender. And found 2.4ghz wireless more stable.

Thanks arturo and duf666,

That’s my next try, for convenience I’ve now switched over to this discussion because strangely enough it also dealing with same problem.

You will see from my previous posts it’s only the initial wake-up stage that causing the problem, once I’ve got every awake and connected it stays that way, I’ve yet to have a dropped connection during playing which leads me to believe it’s LDS related and not network.

But I will certainly give 2.4Ghz a try, unfortunately I can’t use wired, it will just be too much trouble and I would rather keep away from repeaters (or whatever they are called) and mesh.

Go get better router. AC5000, problem go away.

Am I missing something here, I don’t have any issues when actually streaming content, I’ve just been downloading files on the iMac and at the same time streaming Radio Paradise in flac and the Network hasn’t missed a beat.

How will going up market with respect to Router improve on that, and I don’t understand how it will improve the initial connection/wake-up side of things which can’t be about speed anyhow!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to be awkward, I just don’t see how that change will make a difference unless a better Router brings something else to the table, that LDS needs.

I’ve tried switching to 2.4Ghz but no joy, exactly same failures on wake-up, close and reopen LDS though and straight away all is fine.

Looks like I’m going to have to accept this startup glitch and just use the work arounds I’ve discovered and suggested by others, I just seem to be going round in circles at the moment.

Thanks for your thoughts though.

Do you think the router can handle many device as they connect to the router? Do you know to access to your router to change and setup? And how fast your internet 18mb, 24mb or 200mb and up?

With respect to the Modem Router handling multiple devices, the answer is yes, I currently have Sony PS3, Panasonic DMR, iMac, iPhone, iPad, Sonus One, Canon Printer and now Aries Mini all working on the Network just fine (after the Aries has woken up!), most are on 5Ghz except Sony, Canon and Panasonic which use 2.4Ghz.

Saying that there are a max of three connecting at any one time, Aries, iMac and one iDevice - but usually it’s only two, the Aries and one iDevice or the iMac.

Access to the Modem Router interface is via browser or app, I always use the former, I leave most settings on Auto except wireless channel which I set manually to channel 36 (5Ghz, 80MHz) and channel 1 (2.4Ghz, 20MHz) to avoid clash with neighbouring setups, QoS is enabled for both.

Internet speed is constant 48Mb down and 10Mb up (max for package), ping is 10ms. Looking in the Modem Router setup the device uptime is currently 66days, which was the last time I had to disconnect for a move around, so it’s exceptionally stable.

The above allows streaming of 1080p YouTube on iMac (it’s pre retina) with Aries playing flac radio station (just tested) with no stuttering at all.

Hope the above info is sufficient.

What kind of your router?

HG633, this will give all the details.

It’s ISP supplied but before you condemn it (which I usually did with ISP supplied kit) I gave it a chance and plumbed it in to try out, I was surprised by how stable and consistent it was and against all logic (because it must be cheap as chips) it’s been faultless.

Yes, the speeds don’t compare with the best but they are not too far out in my view, and if it comes to sacrificing a little top end speed for a reliable connection, I’ll go for the latter every time.

Previous kit has been mainly Netgear with mixed results.

I would say line of site distance from Modem Router to Aries Mini is about 10m, if you use the graph you can then see how it compares (in one test anyhow).

Your router is your problem. Netgear router from $40 to $400 that what you hear Netgear with mixed results. Because someone buy cheap netgear. I have $150 netgaer router still give me headache, until I got $350 AC5000, my problem solve. I have 28 device connect to my router without a single drop

All the router from ISP very limited about how many device you connected. I call and talk to ISP if you are not solve my problem I will cancel my service, they told me go get better router I can connect more than 10.

I use a Linksys WRT1900AC router. Cost over £100. Exceptional performance. I still have LDS losing connection issues from time to time. It’s liveable with, but slightly annoying when it happens.

I still don’t understand your logic with regards to the Modem Router being the issue, it’s still 1300ac capable and in real world use gives absolutely no issues on streaming content, that’s been the main reason I’ve left well alone.

In the other discussion “Frustrating Startup” Sisujama is using a AC1900 Router and still experiences same issue, are you really saying all that stream music must now use the fastest kit available.

I admit I’m no expert but I’m only using 8 devices in the house capable of connecting to wifi, and three of those you can say are connecting at the same time, the others are turn off or in standby, so you can’t say they are competing for air time The Router you suggest is more suited to managing 90+, even the AC1900 copes with 60+, surely that’s just overkill in my situation.

Anyhow, I’ll read up a little more on what you suggest but I will also try turning everything off except the iPad and the Aries, then test with just two devices using wifi and see what happens, I suspect LDS will still bulk and require the restart, and if that’s so I can’t see how that will be the fault of the Modem Router.

Anyhow, thanks for the advice.