Connecting LEO GX to VEGA G2

I’ve just received my LEO GX and am connecting it to my Vega G2. The latter is connected to my network via ethernet cable. I see the LEO GX also has an ethernet connection. Do I also need to connect it to the network?
Actually, as I write this I’m thinking that, provided the Vega is connected to my network, I won’t need to similarly connect the LEO for music playing purposes, BUT I should connect the LEO to my network to accommodate possible future firmware updates.
Is this correct?

Hi Grahame:

Congratulations for the new purchase. The ethernet connection on LEO GX is for firmware update use only and you do not need to connect it. We will not roll out any new firmware for LEO GX before Sirius (last piece of G2 stack) coming out. If you have ordered the premium version, please make sure you have installed the upgrade cable inside VEGA G2, here is a video guide:

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Thank you for this.
I did purchase the premium model. I had thought the small cable was only a short version of the larger cable; to be used if the two units were close to each other, eg stacked.
Thanks for the clarification.

Hi Xuanqian,
The thick cable provided with the LEO GX to connect the Vega G2…is it directional? I don’t see any arrows indicating direction. I would assume you want the data flowing from the Leo GX toward the Vega G2.

There is no direction of these RF cables.

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After installing the clock cable inside Vega g2, I find that the clock input terminal outside Vega g2 is a bit loose, is it normal?


No this is not normal.
There is a locking nut that holds the input terminal firmly onto the Vega case. You might have loosened it a little when attaching the clock cable. I’ve done this myself. It is easy to tighten. If I remember correctly, the wrench that you use to tighten the cable nut will also fit the locking nut. If not, you can finger tighten the locking nut and that will be sufficient.

Will it affect the sound?

The connector can rotate for a maximum of around 35 degree because the flat cut on the back panel will not perfectly match the flat part of the connector so it will be a gap and it may rotate. As long as you tighten the connector with external cable, you are good to go.

So can it be tightened firmly on the case? Or does it loose normally no matter how I tight it?

The cable and connector should be tighten using tool and they wont loose. However after you have tighten the cable, you may be able to rotate the cable with the connector together, that is normal and it does not mean the connection is losen.

Ohh… I see. Thanks.

Can I disable using the clock from Leo GX (and use the clock inside Vega V2) but not disconnecting the clock cable physically?

I believe you can do that just by disconnecting the hdmi cable.

It is not necessary to remove a cable, but you can activate and deactivate the reference master clock in Lightning DS under “Settings/Lightning device/your device/Other Options” in the menu “DAC-Setup”.

The advantage of disconnecting the control cable is instant change whereas change via software has a delay. If comparison with and without is the goal, the cable is the best approach. If just not going to use it, doesn’t matter (but why? :thinking:).

Depending on the installation of the devices it can happen that you can’t get to the HDMI cable so fast. Then you are not busy with listening but with finding the right plug connection and if you are unlucky you will damage one of the plugs in a hurry. This didn’t work out for me and is certainly the reason why Auralic installed the switch-off function afterwards.

You disable the clock via software, it is under VEGA G2’s system menu.