Connecting LEO GX to VEGA G2

I’ve just received my LEO GX and am connecting it to my Vega G2. The latter is connected to my network via ethernet cable. I see the LEO GX also has an ethernet connection. Do I also need to connect it to the network?
Actually, as I write this I’m thinking that, provided the Vega is connected to my network, I won’t need to similarly connect the LEO for music playing purposes, BUT I should connect the LEO to my network to accommodate possible future firmware updates.
Is this correct?

Hi Grahame:

Congratulations for the new purchase. The ethernet connection on LEO GX is for firmware update use only and you do not need to connect it. We will not roll out any new firmware for LEO GX before Sirius (last piece of G2 stack) coming out. If you have ordered the premium version, please make sure you have installed the upgrade cable inside VEGA G2, here is a video guide:

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Thank you for this.
I did purchase the premium model. I had thought the small cable was only a short version of the larger cable; to be used if the two units were close to each other, eg stacked.
Thanks for the clarification.

Hi Xuanqian,
The thick cable provided with the LEO GX to connect the Vega G2…is it directional? I don’t see any arrows indicating direction. I would assume you want the data flowing from the Leo GX toward the Vega G2.

There is no direction of these RF cables.

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