Connecting Aries G1 with Vega G1

Dear @Xuanqian, Is it correct?

  1. The best connection for sound quality between G1 Aries and Vega is USB, then AES, Coax and Toslink (with same sampling rate data)

  2. There is no improvement in sound quality between Vega G1 alone and Aries G1 + Vega G1. Because streaming module quality in Vega is same as in Aries, using Aries adds only extra processing functionality, WiFi connection and Lightning server. However it would be improved if there was Lightning Link, as in case of G2?

  3. The best sound quality from Vega G1 is achieved using its streaming/network input

If the last one is correct would it be possible for Aries to stream output signal to Vega (or to other networked DACs) through the network? Like Roon does or media servers or NAS?

What “multi-room functionality” means in Aries description?

Thank you in advance


1, Are you referring to ARIES G1 + VEGA or ARIES G1 + VEGA G1?

2, You are half right. Basically there will be audible sound quality difference, if you use Lightning DS or other OpenHome based playback software. There wont be much sound quality difference if you use Roon Endpoint mode.

3, I would say streaming input sound better than USB input because of shorter signal path and this is always what I recommend.

4, Multi-room function means you can have multiple of AURALIC streamer, let them play different music on different devices or same music on all devices (group them).

  1. Connecting Aries G1 + Vega G1 - which connection the best within 24/192 sampling.
  2. Great. Mostly want to use LDS
    Thanks a lot for reply :slight_smile:

ARIES G1 to VEGA G1: USB is the best

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And what would be the second best, if not using USB??

Probably AES/EBU

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