Connect to Spotify for old Altair

Hi, I just bought a new altair (not the G1, the older model) and I dont see how to install spotify. I did upgrade to the latest firmware, and I did connect to my Qobuz account, but I dont get the option to connect to spotify. Can anyone tell me how to do this?


I may be wrong but I don’t believe there is an option like Tidal or Qobuz for Spotify, you have to use the Spotify app and point it at you Altair much like AirPlay to a speaker.

This article may help.

If I’m wrong someone will correct me fairly quickly.

Ok, yes I did that, I guess since its “spotify connect” the altair is pulling spotify mp3 files directly from spotify, and it is not going through my phone over Airplay to the altair.

I’m not sure about that, others might be able to advise.

I’ve always assumed it was similar to how Bluethooth and AirPlay streaming operate, in that the iPhone contains or accesses the content then pushes it to a listening end point, be that a speaker or other suitable receiving devices like the Altair.

I know when I’m using LDS to start playing my content stored on internal ssd, then close LDS on the iPad, the content continues to play, the same happens for the Radio function I believe, so that does tend to confirm the Altair is accessing the content directly.

You could therefore see what happens after starting the Spotifty app to play via “Connect” then closing it down, if the content continues playing then you’ve proved the assumption, if on the other hand it stops, then it’s confirmed the App is the controller and your Altair is just acting as a receiver.

I have an older Altair and I listen to Spotify all the time. Make sure the Altair is in the streaming mode. After opening the Spotify app start playing a selection… a devices available should be under the title song you are playing. Click on that and there should a very small icon at the bottom of the left corner of the screen that looks like a speaker; click on that and then your devices available will be listed, which should include your Altair. I might add the the Altair does an excellent job upscaling Spotify’s 320kbs content.

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