Coax to DAC or USB to DAC? Which is best?

Hello Community.
When I first installed my Aries G1, from new, i configured the connection to use Coax to my Chord Qutest DAC.

The sound is stunning, However, some of my small collection of DSD files would not play. So I bought a Chord Cable USB A - USB B cable and reconfigured the connection to play via USB. My DSD files now play and sound awesome.

Now I’m wondering which connection sounds better or is there no discernible difference.

Has anyone any thoughts? I will continue to keep the coax connected so that I may switch between the two.

I find that USB is a better solution. No need to switch back and forth, if you get an excellent USB cable. I’m using a Wireworld Platinum starlight.

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USB for sure. I use an all Auralic stack, so it is Lightning Link for me, but if I was not using a Vega G2 with my Aries G2, I would be rocking USB.

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Thank you. I’m staying with the USB cable but I’ve also added an audioquest jitterbug.

There is no rule for that, you need to try. It really depends of the DAC too. Some of them have crappy usb input and coax or aes are better. Or for some it’s the opposite …

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USB here too, Nordost Heimdall II to Copland DAC

I use USB because my DAC only supports the higher bit rate DSD when using USB or I2S.