Change Phase / Invert via LDS SW?

the LDS operating software has currently known additional functions such as filter mode, parametric equalizer… …

From a previous CDt I know the Phase Change / Invert function, which has proven to be suitable (spatial reproduction) when playing some productions.

From the manual:
….CD player audio phase. Changes in phase are subtle and are best established from the listening position. When the phase setting is changed, the display text area will show the message ‘Phase Normal’ or ‘Phase Invert’. The performance of the CD player is unaffected whether the signal is in normal or phase inverted mode…

Wouldn’t it make sense to be able to activate such a function - changes in phase - and would that be easily feasible for Auralic via LDS?

What do the specialists say?

Best regards from Rainer

Thanks for the suggestion. I am adding this to feature request list.

Thank you! I suspect most Auralic users will not yet consider phase invert, but if with a simple click it is possible to switch to the tonally correct phase, some music productions can sound more suitable / advantageous.
It would be great if this option could be taken into account in the next update.
Thank you in advance - Rainer