CD Playback with Optical drive via USB

Could the Tesla Processor load a complete CD-Audio disk from an Optical drive which is connected via USB to Playback its content?
I mean not RIP the disk to a NAS or else just be able to Load it into RAM for playing it back.

(I dreamed about to buy a Solt drive of Teac or Apple and put it on my Aries Femto.
Then I could sell my CD Transport and could have maybe same or better Audio experience.)

Hi Yotzee,

I personally don’t use this option because I have an external DAC and I am using my CD transport to play via the DAC, not via my Femto. But why a DAC has to load the full disk prior to play?
I think the DAC is converting in real time with some buffering off coarse, but that’s all.


Not sure about the sound quality but for the convenience it seems, to me, pretty complicated. You have to wait minutes every time you load a cd for the rip part.

For the Aries Femto, it’s only output. For the VEGA G2 it’s an input but you may have a memory limitation (same thing for the Femto)(1GB of ram with some of them reserved by the system and os i suppose)

You can’t have both the CD transport and the Aries connected to your DAC ?

What it brings is the:

  • asynchronous read of the disk (a CD transport has limitations)
  • oversampling of Auralic if you turn it on.

Buffering of the first track needs time only and then streaming to DAC with or without
oversampling could be started. (most of car Cd Drives and Head Units does the same)
The the further tracks have time to read.
If the whole CD is in RAM you can jump from track to track without any delay.

I think Ram should not be problem because a CD is about 800Mb and it not necessarily need to be oversampled at ones. The played track and the next one before the end of first (just like now if you play big files)

CD transport has limitations:

  • synchronous read of the disk
  • no FEMTO wordclock on board.
  • Laser head and mechanics ages not depending on usage
  • Laser head and mechanics cost a lot to change

Solt drive of Teac or Apple are made for less money and with accurate read of cd-disk can be bitperfect. (If you know EAC you know what i am talking about.)

I have a transport to but not in quality level to the Femto Aries.
Lot of competitors do Riping disks first than let them be Played or streamed.
I do not like to do that way to be able to listen to a disk.
If you have your cd-s and your Auralic and this feature could work. You could sell your Transport and spend for something else :smile: Just like me.

Looks like someone just thought the same thing, we are working on this feature at right moment and for a while already.

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I would definitely be a part of testing it.
I think there is a huge amount potential in playing not “on the fly”.
That the disk drive is outside of your units makes vibration harder to influence the electronics too.
Could spoiler something about your ideas? :laughing:

It is a kind of ripping while playing process. But we have not yet considered how to deal the metadata side. We want to show metadata but we need access to some public database.

Personally I wouldn’t think metadata is as important if one is playing an actual CD, information like Track 1, Track 2 etc, should be enough if we have the CD insert in our hand.

Are you thinking of using a specific Auralic optical Cd reader or will any USB one do?


I think any USB CD/DVD room should work. We got a couple of them from the market and they all worked.

I really hope that it will not induce new bugs and a decrease of sound quality …

@Xuanqian: Hi there, any idea when this new feature is coming on line?

We don’t give dead timeline of any future development. Historical lessons told us we should never set a deadline for development, quality issue always happens if we rush to finish something. We will release it when we believe it is ready for public use.

A healthy attitude indeed.
I’m crying now but I’ll wait…

Would be amazing if this were to be supported in the Aries Femto with its 1GB RAM.

See this post for reason why it may not work:

Imo: i would find it pretty unfair not to enable cd playback on old devices. I own a Femto Aries. Personally not to have all the track of disk in cache can not be an issue.
Process should be

  1. start with CdDb like metadata gathering
  2. Read tracks to RAM up to a secure amount of RAM. For example 7 tracks.
    (Most of people runs cd from end to begining. Some skiping is applied.)
  3. After Track4 the already played/skipped track1 can be droped out of ram.
  4. The 8ths track can be Read to RAM.
  5. And so on.
    This logic works on all devices and adjusts itself to different amount of RAM in every device.
    Please do hard consideration!


Don’t cry before you’re shot.
X made it clear he would try his best to make it happen for the older types too.

Not a future proof feature :slight_smile:

In the 9% you have the vinyl with more sales and revenue than CD

CD is dead and generally physical support. Only for video games (for the moment), even the 8K video format will not be physical …

A lot to think in this new decade … and maybe not a top priority feature regarding the integration of new streaming service or enhancement of the existing one. And of course more features for LDS server and client ! Because digital file are not dead and not count in those diagrams (only the paid and legal one …)

I would consider the 9% Physical Media market when looked at Worldwide is still worth having, however it’s split between Vinyl or Cd.

Vinyl though offers the best opportunity for returns due to it’s perceived niche position, albums can demand £30 plus compared to the usual £9.99 for a Album Download, and strangely the lower demand for Cd may ironically help in keeping there price lower.

It’s always amazed me that when products sells well the manufacturers nowadays see that as a green light to put prices up further to “milk” the situation, when in fact more sales should (used to) allow price reductions.

Because of this “reverse logic”, lower Cd sales has seen a general price reduction when compared to Album Downloads over the last few years and therefore adding Albums to your Streamer is often more economical than purchasing the files themselves.

How long that may last though is anyone’s guess, likewise will the increased take up of Streaming Services eventually have a similar impact on reducing Download prices as it had on Cd’s!

At the moment though I buy Cd’s and Rip to the Altair’s Ssd, it’s currently the cheaper option.