Can Vega G2 be seriously used without separate analog pre-amp

Hi, I briefly remember reading the first-gen Vega was not good to be used without another analog preamp. See

Does this sentiment changed with the new Vega G2?

I would like to do without purchasing an separate preamp if possible.

My idea is to get Vega G2 and go use XLR to go straight to Naim NAP 300 DR. Not sure if that setup is workable.

I think it depends on the gain of your amp. I have two amps I move between: a solid state First Watt J2 and an Inspire KT150 single ended pentode tube amp. The FW runs fine without a separate preamp. The Inspire definitely needs a preamp.

Yes I would be interested in a technical comment too. I am thinking of changing my current Krell integrated, which I leave set at around 75% and use the Vega 2 volume control, for a Krell power amp direct with XLR connections ?

Interested if anyone has tried this approach.

Bypassing a pre-amp and using the Volume control on Vega G2 is certainly worth considering, but the results are system dependent. So you just have to experiment (“listen”) to determine what works best for you.

Have fun!

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I’ve said that I have done this successfully. VEGA G2 by XLR to First Watt J2 (25wpc). I use vega volume control. Excellent results. 95db sensitive speakers though.

I have found that using my Moon 350P line stage preamp feeding my Moon monoblocks sounds a bit better than using the Vega G2’s built-in pre, but YMMV.

Thanks for the recommendation of those who had done this before, I have now done this with my Vega G2 XLR direct into Krell 402e. Sounds great and saves £10k on a pre-amp !
Definitely worth considering for those with few sources.

I’ve been doing some experimenting with XLR cables between my Vega G2 and my Aesthetix Atlas amp…I’ve tried Nordost Valhalla, Purist Audio Venustas, Audience Au24 and Kubala Sosna Emotion XLRs…The best cable to my ears is the KS Emotions. This is the only cable that I would say has the right combination of midrange smoothness, high frequency micro-detail, soundstage width, and bass performance…I think this cable is a bit more pronounced in the mid bass…so it may be a bit warmer than a completely neutral cable. The Emotion is the only cable that would make me consider removing my Aesthetix Calypso preamp from my system…If I keep the Calypso, I’d be using Valhalla between Vega G2 and my preamp…with KS Emotion between my amp and preamp.

Well it worked for me when I had my dealer’s G2 on loan. Playing (through balanced XLRs) into active ATC SCM 40s, the G2 sounded magnificent. Whether an analog preamp would improve things I don’t know, but I really like the idea of a minimalist system with such fine SQ. My own set is now on order.


I have exactly the same system G2 into ATC 40 actives, sounds sublime, and coming from an all NAIM system (252/300dr/NDX) ,
The Vega has a brilliant pre amp section so why bother with any other.

Agreed that the Vega G2 is a very competent preamp. The only reason I am using a PS Audio BHK Signature preamp with my setup is for synergy with my PS Audio BHK Monoblocks (all components are Tube/SS hybrid).

I have used the Vega G2 directly connected to a few other amps, and it sounded quite nice indeed.

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Running Vega G2 to feed my McIntosh MC 611 monos via XLR w/o any issues. Sounds great. Better than via the Devialet 440 monos I had before. Gain is more than sufficient. No need for any pre-amp in between. The Vega is already a good one. And the sound control is also good.

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Yes I recently dropped out pre-amp and upgraded power amp to Krell 402e, Atlas Mavros XLR and Tellurium ultra black cables. Direct from Vega G2 sounds fabulous. Only downside is limitations if you want to use other sources.

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Just got my G2. A real step up from my PS Audio Directstream junior! I have tried both direct connection to my mono blocks (PS Audio M700’s) and via my pre-amp (Primaluna Dialogue) and the Vega works very well in both set ups.

I use RCA connections (my pre is not balanced) and -6db volume reduction on the Vega.

I could live without the pre BUT i can control this on my ipad using my harmony remote. I’ve also had to ditch spotify premium in favour of Tidal. Spotify was a nightmare with the Vega.

I can run Tidal playlists via Lightening DS with no major lag due to buffering (imported with spotify playlists using soundiiz).

What a fantastic sound!

@Peakman @Graham @Xuanqian

I owned the Vega G2. I had long sessions listening to it with ATC SCM 40 Actives speakers.

Something was wrong and I really would like to share with you my experience and doubts regarding Vega G2 + ATC SCM40A combo.

More precisely, the concern is about Vega G2 output level (4.8Vrms at 0dBFS, output impedance 5ohm on Balanced XLR according to specs).

So we fed the Vega G2 with a MacBook running Audirvana connected to USB input, and played our test playlist. We also used an Arcam player and concluded to the same results.

On most test tracks, normal listening was between 55 and 70 volume. A lot of tracks even needed to go in the 70-80 region. For the same tracks at a live volume, we often exceeded 80. And on some rare tracks (with low level recordings), we reached the max 100 volume ! And sound was NOT LOUD. Our ears were FAR from bleeding !
Overall, even if sound was very good (in quality), it sounded like it was lacking power, dynamic, let’s say it lacked some juice.
As a reminder, ATC SCM40 active speakers pack 242 watt of Class A/B Tri-amplifier (150W LF, 60W MF, 32W HF).

Setting the volume so high for normal listening is quite unusual for a preamp. Is it normal ?

There was definitely a problem related to output level on Vega G2. Or may be passive preamp ? Or may be it’s related…

So we replaced the Vega G2 preamp section with ATC CA2 mkII analog preamp (2190 €).


The output level issue disappeared immediately.

Sound became full bodied, dynamic, juicy, much much louder (if we wanted to), but in a sense that we had the feeling we could turn up the volume to infinite without overload neither distorsion, without agressiveness, which had never been the case using the Vega G2 preamp.

The ATC SCM40A suddenly revealed themselves as they should sound.

So here I am @Xuanqian. What is the problem with Vega G2 output level ?

Must be a fault with your G2, I have exact same set up, and if I have my Vega Ste to 50, it is seriously loud through the 40 A, s full on sound. For most listening I have around 30 to 40 which is still pretty loud.
I am more than happy.

Like Graham, this does not accord with my experience at all. For big orchestral music, Mahler, say, I would be at something like 60. For jazz, rock etc it would be in the 30-40 region. In fact I have capped the volume at 70 to avoid the accidental ear shredding which happened once on switch-on. My room is fairly small (around 4 x 6 m) so I did wonder if that was the issue, but before trying them at home I listened at the dealer’s and there the same system filled a much bigger space. What’s more, putting the ATC preamp into the chain (I presume you put it between the Vega and the speakers) would not change the room size, so I don’t think this can be the issue. I have not used the USB input; I simply stream from a QNAP NAS running MinimServer and Asset. I also have a Naim CD player that I occasionally use as a transport and find a similar volume setting is appropriate.

Did you ask your dealer to listen to and see if they could diagnose. the problem? Did you audition before purchase either at home or at your dealer’s and if so, with what result? I happen to know that my dealer has sold other Auralic/active-ATC setups without encountering the volume issue you describe as far as I know.

Overall, I agree with your statement that “something was wrong” either with the unit or the way your system was set up. I hope you get it sorted and are able to enjoy the same outstanding SQ that I enjoy.


4.8V output is ‘hot’ enough for drive most of thing loads. If it is an active version, have you checked if there is any gain setting on the back of the speaker so you can set the input sensitivity higher?

ATC SCM 40As do not have the facility to adjust sensitivity (unlike models higher up the range).


Then, how can you explain this lack of juice, of power ?