Can not select tracks with "On the go" playlist with iPad Pro 11


I use an iPad air 2 for many year with Aries products (Mini and now G2) without issues.
I’ve now a iPad Pro 11 and i’ve an issue.

If i create an on the go playlist (Play Next, Play Later), i can not select tracks in this playlist. With the iPad 2 no issue with the Aries G2, but no luck with the iPad Pro 11. I can not select a track in the list, nothing happen. I need to use the back or formward arrow to navigate between tracks (not very usefull).

I’ve IOS 12.2 on both devices an LDS 5.4 too. Everything is up to date on Aries G2 (6.1).

I reinstall LDS 5.4, do a refresh of cache etc … Issue still here … Again no issue with the iPad 2.

On more precision, i can delete track with a slide on the left. But can not select them to play.

Reboot the ipad seems fix it … strange

There are actually some issue with the playlist interface on latest iOS version, we have the issue on record already and they are due to be fixed pretty soon.

Ok thanks for the info !

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