Can Aries G2 output coax and toslink at the same time?

Before I risk my vertigo trying to sort out cables at the back of my system can I just check if one has both a digital and coaxial cable attached (and digital out selected) will they both carry a signal.

For complex reasons I want to play Roon via optical in to my Hugo mscaler but want to play lightening through coax. It seems with both connected only the coax gives a signal to the mscaler.



Risked vertigo to find out that it can!


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How about USB plus another output?

I asked that about my Aries G1 a while back and Auralic advised that it can do so with no problems; however, you will have to manually switch the output in the Lightning DS app from Digital to USB (whatever DAC you are using).

USB and digital outputs are sourced from different clock, they can not be used at the same time.

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