Building from the Ground up with Vega G2


I am in the process of building a new tower of components and my wish is to have the Vega G2 at the center of everything. I have a lot of different questions about setting up.

  1. From reading previous posts, it appears as if switching inputs on the Vega isn’t as simple as a simple turn of a dial or switch but that the USB will disable if there is streaming into the Vega. Does this mean that someone has to choose whether to use it as a USB dac or as a streamer/network.
  2. I love the NAIM CD ripper/streamer combo with it’s dac, it was clear to me that it sounded better than internet streamed lossless via the coaxial, and i’m Wondering if there is a way to replicate that experience with the Vega, using, for example, a BlueSound Vault 2i as a roon core connected coaxial to the Vega 2. (A simpler option would be putting a lot of files into a drive and connecting it with the Aries mini but that’s sold out right now). Would the bluesound get along with the Vega? Could roon run with two “cores.”
  3. would it be better to rip into a NAS or external drive connected to my router? If i’m Running windows 10, what would i need to do to make that work?
  4. I have an external drive with several hundred CDs on WAV, what is the best way of accessing it?
  5. My computer already is overwhelmed with photos and music for my iTunes, so ripping again on FLAC or WAV would need to take place on another drive. My existing NAS is 10 years old and on it’s last legs, so if i have to replace it I’m fine with that.

Hi @DavidMorales:

1, It is simply, you can use SmartIR function to let VEGA G2 learn your existing remote for one button switch between different input channels.

2, I dont think Roon can run two cores but you can always use VEGA as a pure DAC if connect to any digital source. However a better idea is to let VEGA run as Roon Ready endpoint, which may give better result. One big advantage running VEGA as endpoint is that you can see album cover on the VEGA display.

3, Always use NAS if possible, the SMB share feature from router and computer is just two weak.

4, You need some kind of media source, the best way is to plug the hard drive to a NAS and let Roon or other DLNA server software to index it.

5, You can use iTunes ripping, the only thing that maybe missing is the album cover, but if you use Roon to scan the entire computer, it may just be OK.



Thank you so much for your reply. I’ve been reading some more trying to catch up with all of the progress in audio systems in the last decade.

My attraction to the NAIM ripper and Bluesound Vault 2i was based on the old fashioned idea that coaxial inputs are always better, but that doesn’t appear to the be case today.

I find myself leaning towards setting up a Roon Nucleus and connecting it to my network, along with the Vega G2. I do have a bit of curiosity about all those people setting up NUC devices, Nas devices, and the products from Small Green Computer to work with roon. I’m also curious about whether/how the same results could be achieved using lightning DS, with these options: …Have you done any testing about whether the difference in these server options makes a difference?


The Roon Nucleus will work as a Roon Core server, you can plug hard drive to it so as to skip the NAS. Both VEGA G2 and Nucleus will connect to home network with LAN and you enable VEGA G2 as RoonReady endpoint inside their software then you can stream to the VEGA G2. In this way you will not need to use Lightning DS, other server or UPnP software at all.