Buffering OF G1 VEGA streamer

Smaller memory cache, no processing feature, no Lightning Server, no AirPlay, Bluetooth input.

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IVE realised that now . new models should not be worse than whats gone out of production . poor marketing for customers

Your statement make me think maybe we should make VEGA G1/G2 as a DAC only without any streaming function then everyone will stop complain those free features.


totally I agree …they are not free it was poorly explained in marketing of the product. I had you vega dac that I thought was good now the G1 DAC which as improved alittle . now I have the g1 aries streamer fed into g1 dac. which is a v good combo

Hi, it would have been useful if you had responded to the earlier request for details of your setup if you had genuinely wanted some advice. In my opinion the documentation is quite clear on what is required to use the new VEGA DACs in the absence of a separate Lightning Server. I am glad that you have found adding the Streamer as well to be a good combo. @Xuanqian Please do not consider dropping the new streaming functionality as in my experience it does work and offers the User a way to get started without having to purchase an additional Streamer straight away.

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the mini has full streaming and a dac for the starters at £450 plus option to fit a hard drive. on the market about 4 yrs ago. the gi dac has very limited streaming and no hard drive at 500£ more than the original vega dac with technology less than the mini .

I run the mini digital out into the g1 far better the the g1 vega on its own . period

I use the VEGA G2 as DAC and as my streamer. It meets my needs fine. The complaining is misplaced as the VEGA is not sold as a streamer. If the streaming in the VEGA is not sufficient for one’s needs, then the ARIES series is the logical answer. Having a “good enough” streamer in my DAC saves me thousands.

that’s g2 not g1 £2000 more

just a note G1 ARIES INTO G1 VEGA ive checked the difference between the inputs

optical out better than expected / 7 marks coaxial better focus than optical bass cleaner / 8 …. AES WITH MY SYSTEM
10/10 …… quad 2912 plus townsend tweeters excellent best that any streaming ive used in the past /naim NDX into chord dacs . app fast and no buffering at all

tried aries upnp server and plug in hard drive . I opted by fitting external .cant say I detected any difference

Allan - did you find that you got $2,500 of value pairing the ARIES G1 into your VEGA G1? I think the streaming capability of the VEGA G1 is probably good enough for me (I own the VEGA G1) and I’m conflicted whether I’d perceive enough value by adding the ARIES to it. Thoughts from you or others?

Xuanqian says there is a bit of sound quality improvement adding the Aries, but I’m not sure it’s $2500 worth. I run a VEGA G2 as streamer and DAC and am very happy. If you need a fuller featured streamer, the ARIES would make more sense to me. the VEGA’s don’t have Bluetooth (I just use a BT receiver with an optical out to the VEGA for that), and no wifi (I use fiber ethernet). If you are interested in room correction with the upcoming firmware, the VEGA alone won’t do it. There are some other differences that I can’t recall.

I think it comes down to whether or not you value those added features more than difference in SQ.

my .02

very pleased with g1 streamer into g1 dac .instant upgrade with pre set ,set on smooth it very analogue .at last ive reach the end of the road now,all who listen say so too. digital glare has gone. I SOLD MINI AND UPGRADE PSU at a great price so upgrade costs was reduced . one surprising fact that I used AES XLR that also made an improvement . no buffering and has worked perfect.

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I appreciate both of your feedback! I’m saving for a speaker upgrade and suspect I will realize much more SQ difference with that for now. There is always later to upgrade the streamer but your input is very helpful.

review after 6 months …… vega G1 ARIES INTO G1 VEGA The streamer is faultless and the vega dac on every input is excellent,i prefare AES 110 ohm input ,optical is used for a cd player which doesn’t get much use The musical sounds very natural from a pair of quad 2912 speakers.

just one improvement the display on the streamer should have the option of switching off after a pre selected time other than a few seconds . the set up never freezes buffers etc the app is the same very happy with the set up in fact I never really think about it , just listen to my music


spoke to soon looks like g1 aries is faulty, lost output AES /NOISY INPUT SIGNAL INTERMITTANT TOO , THAT IS AN ISSUE

back at dealer ,intermittent fault problem is only one second in duration signal cuts out then wont do it for a while auralic have not responded .they know about it

G1 ARIES no reply from auralic on this forum with regard to intermittent fault discussed 7 weeks ago . sent back via dealer not impressed with company support . dealer support 10/10 . I have their demo model

I think it would have helped if you where not so destructive in your posts.
Your attitude does not invite to give a respons.


IMO, the story is this: When Auralic planned to bring a new DAC to the market, they took their reliable Tesla platform from the shelf and planted a DAC-chip into it. Now, to make it a standalone DAC they might have disabled Tesla’s inherent streaming abilities. Maybe they didn’t have the heart to do it. Or they feared that the market would shout: look how greedy they are; they kill their wonderful streamer so that we are forced to purchase an extra streaming box. Anyhow, they saved Tesla’s streaming abilities and cast Vega as a Streaming DAC to the market. Their mistake was not to make it absolutely clear that it was primarily a DAC with additional, but restricted streaming abilities. Customers like allan46, who came from an Aries Mini, which they were very content with, could believe that Vega was an upgrade to the Mini, what was not in any aspect the case. Auralic should have made clear that streaming was just Vega’s additional gimmick and that ambitious customers would be in need of an Aries on top. This would have prevented them from being misunderstood.

But let us be tolerant, Auralic is a young and developing enterprise; as anyone else they need their time to learn.


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IMO this is clearly communicated.
There’s even a youtube video where X explains this.
I do agree with the tolerance.