Buffering OF G1 VEGA streamer

since update buffering is MUCH worse , wish I did not buy g1 vega . auralic reply is always it your problem . streamer network as worked perfect for years . in fact a cds arcam sacd player /streamer/£600 works perfect with NO BUFFERING AT ALL. THE VEGA will not allow zoneripper/asset to be loaded at all. the arcam found it instantly …

Can you please explain more clearly what you are experiencing?
I honestly don’t understand at all what you are saying…

Define “Buffering”, please?

BUFFERING MEANS IF A track has been selected to play there is a delay in the track starting etc a delay selecting a new album etc

Thanks Allan,
Can you describe your setup, please?
Source files/services
Connection types (wlan/cabled ethernet)

Of course it’s interesting also on the DAC side, but that would hardly affect delays and such.

the new dac is better than the original that I had, in truth I expected the streaming part to be better than the mini and it isn’t. .the new unit doenst have lighting app full installed either .the AES INPUT is a wasted input for the majority of us. . so only 3 inputs.the coloured screen is only available when you are streaming and not when you select inputs. the headphone phone amp is good but the 2nd input is a waste of time. a jack should have been put on the from to pay medial players or a analogue input . the buffering issue/freezing up wants fixing

The buffering is when input data come in at a speed which is too slow so the device need time to get enough data to start, it happens when the network speed is not fast enough between streamer and the music source. The reason is complicated and we have seen this before mostly due to router compatibility. Search the forum and you should be able to find at least one other user resolved the problem by replaced the router.

ive had quality music/streamers etc for a number of years my naim streamers ndx/nds / high quality switch cables etc /quap nas drive. ive got high speed network etc the aries mini is fast and never buffered one . the g1 does it all the time … its the stramer part of the g1 is the problem . cant even load my zone ripper asset db power to the g1 . again with the aries mini its worked flawless for over 2 years

all I see that many have had problems with gi /g2 stability is the issue +

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FWIW, I have my G1 Vega connected to a NETGEAR R7000/AC1900 Nighthawk router with zero buffering issues. In case anyone is looking for router recommendations that seem to be fully supportive of G1 Vega operation.

Hi guys:

We are going to do a change in device firmware which will release this week (5.6). It is suppose to improve streaming stability, please feel free to report if you will experience less buffering with the new firmware.

hope it does , after you said it was my systems fault .

the vega g1 is a dac only the limited streamer is not up to it period

Yes, it is a DAC with some basic streaming function, it is a kind of reduced function version of ARIES MINI, not even to the original ARIES Femto version.

To be fair this should have been fully explained in your information so we fully understood before purchase . it was apparent after checking the 2 options ,running the g1 has a streamer/dac and then running the mini with digital out into the gi vega dac ., then the mini option was far better than the g1 as streamer/dac. your videos on you tube aT an hifi show implied it was good as a combined unit…

Ive ordered the g1 steamer from sheffield dealer and hope to get it very soon . will it need to enthrenet connections on the gi vega and the g11 aries streamers or just on the streamer . OR set the g1 vega on wireless for any updates in the future . are there any up coming update on the G1 RANGE.

is the digital AES INPUT TO THE DAC better the the other rca digital input … thanks allan

@Xuanqian is saying that the streaming functionality of the new VEGAs are even more basic than the mini. However, I’m betting the sound quality is superior. The difference from the ARIES femto to the ARIES G2 and VEGA G2 was clear to me. I would think it would be an even greater difference comparing the VEGA G1/G2 to the mini.

Correct me if I’m wrong Xuanqian.

Buffering could be many things, and it’s not a bad thing. I think what you are seeing is what I’m seeing with my G1, the streamer is not preloading content or what is called “buffering” content. I don’t believe this is an issue with just the Vega, but with the way they are streaming across the entire product line. I’ve been trying to explain this to @Xuanqian via email and in my thread on here.

I’m seeing no evidence the streamer is buffering content prior to playback. So what the device should be doing is preloading say 10-20 seconds of the song while the current 10-20 second clip is playing. It’s like a temp cache.

So @Xuanqian’s explanation of buffering is technically incorrect. You actually want to buffer, continuously–preloading the data packets and getting them ready for playback.

No router will fix this.

I agree with you, the problem reply is always our systems fault. the streamer section of the G1 VEGA sucks . incidentally the mini worked flawless for 2 years the dac is good ,iam happy with it and the range of inputs . the marketing of the product hid the truth about its streaming

what kind of streaming functionality is missing in the Vega G1 that the Aries products have?

how can a new product range have inferior streaming function to a product that’s been on the market for years .

Yes, the VEGA G2’s built in streamer is more basic than ARIES MINI, the memory cache is the same as ARIES MINI (32MB) while a lot of features are not there. However if you use Roon, it will make no different since Roon mode do not take advantage of any of our unique sound optimization features.

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