Booklets in Lightning DS 5.4

I tried big and small B.


The booklet integration works very fine. Maybe in Future it is possible to use more than one booklet for an album.
The integration itself works really great.

Saw you are using a Vega G2. Don’t know if it only works in Aries models?

Normally it depends most of the LDS on iOS. In the release note of the 5.4 version it says firmware 6.0 at least without specifying any device.
Strange issue indeed :frowning:
Do you have an iPad instead of iPhone to test ?

I tested both Ipad and iphone.
Perhaps it does not work on VEGA.

Maybe but there is no mention of it anywhere …

You need to use Lightning Server and Lightning DS together to have this feature.

Meaning it is for aries only, correct? I cannot use Lightning server for Vega 2 alone. Yea?


See the screenshot.
When i am using Tidel there is Artist info below the cd cover. How can i create that info by tagging?

It works Great.

Kind regards


There is no Lightning Server inside VEGA G2 so you need to add a ARIES MINI or something similar to the network functions as Lightning Sever

Make sense …