Booklets in Lightning DS 5.4


I have just installed Lightning DS 5.4. You can now display a pdf booklet stored by the music files. Is there a site where you can download the booklets?

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I don’t know, where to find booklets.

But how do you display booklet?


After you has copy the booklet.pdf file into your music directory the boomarker icoon appears.


See the screenshots. As an example, I have added info from Wikipedia.

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Thank you.
I don’t have the possibility to choose…
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Am I missing anything to do?
I have a few booklet.pdf e.g: Nas\flac\B\Baez\Whistle Down the Wind (2018)\booklet.pdf
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The booklet file must be in the same directory as the cover file.

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Hi Jan.

It is so.

In this directory: Nas\flac\B\Baez\Whistle Down the Wind (2018)\booklet.pdf, I have all the flac-files from the album and Cover.jpg and back.jpg from the album…

Don’t know what is wrong.

I have looked forward for this utility to come but right now I have no luck.

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Dit you rescan your library?

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Hi again.

Yes I did, twice.

Don’t know if this means anything but after upgrading to DS 5.4 I don’t get the message that the library was scanned successfully when it ends scanning…

Same thing, Booklet.pdf in the album folder (with Folder.jpg) and i can not see the pictures for reading the PDF.

Update : I delete the cache and now it works.

Is it possible to use a slide to left or right to change page instead of a vertical slide ? It will look like more like a real book.

But good job, it’s a nice integration coz you do not need to open an another application and switch back to LDS :slight_smile:

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Thank you very, very much!
That was the solution:grinning:
Very nice feature.
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If you don’t have, or a booklet not exist, you can make your own “booklet”, e.g scan backside cover of your CD then open it in e.g IrfanView and then save it as “booklet.pdf”.
You can also “build” your own booklet in Word and then save it as “booklet.pdf”.

Now you have a backside cover or information-booklet in Lightning DS!

Very cool feature!

Do booklets still work? I tried clearing cache a few times and the booklets were still missing.
Am using firmware 6.2 and version 5.4
Auralic vega g2

Did it work before for you ? Does the booklet is stored at the same place than your audio files and named booklet.pdf ?

I’ve checked today with my Aries G2 and firmware 6.2 and the booklet works.

It never worked for me. I stored it in the same folder as my audio files and named it booklet.pdf

Have you rescanned library?

several times

Did you try with a capital letter for Booklet.pdf ?

How do you check in LDS if a booklet is available ? Can you post some screenshot of a album the content of the directory of this album in your storage please ?