Best setup of music files for Auralic Aries G2

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I have Aries G2, Synology NAS, USB M.2 SSD, and a Wifi Router. I am currently connecting M.2 SSD into Aries G2 as this sounds the best for the moment. Previously, I am using NAS which connected to Wifi Router and Aries connected to the network using WiFi. The problem of not using network cable for Aries G2 is due to the Router is far from the Aries G2.

Any advise on setting music files for Aries G2?

What do you want to know exactly ? The best setup SSD USB vs NAS in terms of Sonic Quality or how to setup your Auralic G2 ?

I would like to know, the best Music Files media setup for Aries G2. Any thoughts?

Using NAS will give you best option because you are moving the noisy SSD out of your ARIES G2.

For WIFI and Ethernet, if you have good WiFi reception between NAS and ARIES G2 then it will give you better sound quality. You do need a good signal for ARIES G2 otherwise the sound quality will be compromised a bit.

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Are you taking about an SDD in the Aries or a USB drive. I’m finding I’m preferring music on an attached USB drive more than from a NAS.



I am talking about my M.2 SATA SSD in a USB casing connected to Aries G2 through USB port. This is so far the best sound I got. Better than my NAS connected through WiFi.

I am going to upgrade my NAS and Router, wish to prove that NAS through WiFi is the better option for Aries G2, as recommended by Auralic…

A) M.2 SSD 1TB in usb cost USD 250.
B) Fanless NAS with 2 x M.2 SSD 1TB, Asus flagship WiFi router, cost USD 2000.

I am going to compare A and B. See whats the outcome.


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I just put in an iFi power 5 volt PS to power my 1TB SSD as the other 5 volt wall wart had too much noise. I didn’t hear much difference, but I’m sticking with the iFi as it can’t hurt.

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Can have a look at your casing for 1TB ssd?

Here is a photo. The important thing is to get a two headed USB connector. One for data and one for the 5 volt power



I was actually asking question to @Xuanqian, but as I said above I have also found what you have found.


Hi Sloop-John-B,
to help with your question, I have the Aries G2 connected with a Audioquest Diamond HDMI cable into the Vega G2 dac. I initially was using a separate 1TB hard drive, connected via a Curious USB cable, into the Aries G2.
Based on Xuanqian’s & Deuch’s advice, I tried the wifi method of operation for my music files.
I purchased a Synology DS118 single bay NAS with a Samsung 1TB hard drive.
I noticed an immediate improvement in sound quality with a lower noise floor, bigger soundstage and much better separation.
I can only recommend the NAS wireless method to you.
By the way, I know it’s off-topic, but has anyone else noticed an improvement in sound quality with the last firmware (V. 6.2.1) ?
I forgot to mention that I am also getting 650Mb/s speeds between my Fritz!box 7490 wireless router and the Aries G2. I am not sure how much a poor wifi signal affects sound quality in individual circumstances.

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There is really need to buy expensive fanless NAS. Anything that provide SMB shared folder service will be the same, from $300 to $3000. I would simply buy an Intel based Synology 2 Bay NAS as it will do a lot of other work for you, for example, to create your private cloud backup server.

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