Best NAS to use with Aries G1


I am thinking of putting my 4 TB music library on a NAS drive instead of using multiple USB drives and losing a lot of time scanning libraries when I change discs or power down.

Is there any brand of NAS that works best with the Lightning app especially with respect to its built in server software?


In theory, anything that supports UPnP or Windows file sharing should be absolutely fine. Bear in mind that with UPnP, indexing content is handed off to the NAS, which means that a lower power NAS hosting a large library may take some time to index your music collection.


Thanks for the feedback. It takes an awful long time to index 2 TB of music on an external USB HD now…and after it’s done, many albums aren’t visible in the Lightning app.
I’m hoping the NAS route might help with this.

Another question, does it matter how the NAS drive is formatted?

My USB HD’s are formatted in ExFAT as i have some music files (e.g. AIFF rips) from Mac computers and other downloads as FLAC on Windows machines. I mostly use an iMac to move the files around.



I use a QNAP TS-451+. I upgraded the memory from the stock 2G to 8G (it’s cheap to do so). It worked great with my original Aries femto and now with my Aries G2. My music library is only about .8 TB (but growing). Rescans after adding music take less than 30 secs. I’m really happy with the setup.


I wouldn’t worry to much about the performance of the NAS, UPnP is not a demanding server-function.
Yes, the NAS will populate the UPnP library but thats not particularly processing intensive.
However, your Lightning DS app will create the index for the app, based on the content of the UPnP server, rather than the NAS or Aries.
If you choose to use Lightning Server the NAS needs to support SMB file sharing, and they basically all do.
Then it’s the Aries’s Lightning Server that creates the library and provides it’s content to the Lightning DS App to build its index upon.
File system choice on the NAS in either case is not relevant, you use whatever your NAS maker suggests.


Is this library, that is created by Ligtning server, a file?
Where is this library (file?) stored if you use a NAS?


In the iPad or iPhone in your lightning DS app. Only one file is stored on the nas for indexing


what is stored on the aires G1?


Nothing, just the configuration and the firmware


Lightning Server and/or f.e. Minim server provides the content upon request to the Lightning DS app in your iOS-product. When you point your Lightning DS app to a particular library for the first time, a request for contents is made. The response is not a file per se, rather a flow of information. Lightning DS then creates a local index in your device for this library. This means that you need to “build an index” in your iPhone even if you already did this on your iPad earlier.

Linn Kazoo o.t.o.h requests information in real time from the selected library i think, which means it does not build a local index and therefore is more reliant on network speed and response from the media server.

I had some difficulties in grasping these basics at first but i’m getting there! :wink:



I use a NAS, the QNAP TS 419P with 4 Hard Drive Disk, 2 TB each.
The NAS is about ten years old and still works fine. Recently I got a 2 months gratis trial with ROON, but my NAS is too slow to run the ROON CORE so I had to put the CORE on my Windows 10 computer.
So If you expect to go with ROON take a compatible NAS.


I have two Synology NAS, one new and one older, both are two drive bays. They both work great with my Aries G1 and my Altair. Please note that you can use either the Lightning DS server or the Synology Media server app and both work fine, but the Lightning DS server seems to work a lot faster at indexing my library. I have the Synology DS 213 and the DS 218, neither of which is a super fast NAS, so that may be why the Lightning server is faster on my iPad. The Lightning server also has a few more options for playing music such as by File Resolution which the Synology server does not. Otherwise, they are pretty similar.