Before & After G2 with and without The Leo (Say You?)

I run my G2 srtaight to amp to speakers and while I love it, I am hoping to hear from those that had a similar situation and added the clock and was it or is it worth it to add the clock??. I mean does the sound come to whole new level that is worthy of dipping into our piggy banks to ear wittness os is it just a subtle upgrade in the sound department? And yes I love what I’m hearing from my G2, It is an amazing player. I only listen to my personal ripped library from my NAS, Period! Anyone??? Thanks

many opinions/impressions including mine:

I love what you had to say. I see you separate the 2 units as in pictures I see the 2 stacked? Is stacking the 2 not a good idea?

The footers are designed with spring tension for the weight of the unit. Stacking them makes the bottom unit too heavy for the footers to work as designed.

Darn shame as they look slicker stacked no doubt.

You can stack one device but not more. the spring has been designed to be able to support another G2 device but it is highly NOT recommended.

As sweet as it looks stacked when I am fortunate enough to add the Leo …stacking it will not be an option after hearing that. Thanks and the Leo is still way too much money.

I only have the Aries G2 since my system consist of active loudspeakers, thus the Leo is not an option for me. However, I improve the clock information with a stack of Mutech MC3+USB tethered to a REF10 clock, placed after the Aries G2. The difference is audible and very much for the better; elevates the sound to a whole new level.

Another great way to improve your sound is a high-quality router and/or an audiophile switch. I recently swapped my cheap router with a NetGear AC1900 7000R and was shocked at the boost in SQ.

As for stacking, in general, it’s not recommended to stack audio devices as they may adversely interfere with each other. It’s best to procure a rack where every device has its own shelf, or if sharing shelves, in a safe distance from each other.

Happy Tunes!

Thank you. Im good in the router department. And while you shared that info you should have continued on to the high quality Ethernet cables you must have added as a good friend just reminded me yesterday that “everything” makes a difference in this hobby. And have you replaced the fuses in your gear with quality audiophile fuses? I did and the results were like I just got a brand new Vega G2. The sound instantly went to a new level and this fuse hasn’t even burned in yet. Crazy stuff but yes it all matters.
Happy Listening.

I find it surprising that, as an audiophile fuse can bring the unit to another level, Auralic don’t fit them as standard. :kissing:

And it’s said surprises often come in small packages and here to admit while I too was surprised it was a more than welcome surprise! It was and is icing on an already delicious cake and so glad I added the fuse. I’m sure there are other fuses that will improve the sound as well, I just went with what was said to be the best by other users because the Vega G2 is a slamming unit and deserves the best… Happy Listening.

And darn Shame Auralic doesn’t include a top shelf power cord and amazing IC’S😂 with their products!

I wouldn’t expect them to. Users often have existing cables from the unit being replaced. But a fuse is part of the unit, inside the closed box.

I did ask the Master about this and was told they just run with basics in the fuse department. Leaves room for the manufacturer’s of these fuses (offered by many suppliers) to I guess do their thing. More importantly and sure not aiming to pee on anyone’s parade but to my delight that little fuse I changed out is nothing short of amazing. Easy assessment for me as my playlist hasn’t changed in over a week and every tune takes on a new and more desired shape and it sure makes me :smiley:

Happy Listening my Auralic brother. :tophat:

Tophatjohnny…Care to share which one you bought?..Actually…care to share what power cables and interconnects as well?

I installed the Ultimate SHD Beeswax fuse and instant improvement. It gets smoother daily and so glad I did it.

Underwood Audio offers among the best cables in the industry Power Core Technologies so consult with Walt there and he will walk you through what’s best for your rig. Hope that helps

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