Automated Room Correction

Its great that the new Lightning version 6 on Aries G2 has a detailed manual EQ, but to use that for room correction is quite involved, you need a separate measurement program like REW and manually generate sweeps and adjust settings. It would be great if there would be further room correction automation; hook up a mike, generate tones, suggest / apply adjustments etc. The processing hardware and much of the software is already there?

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automatic testing is not possible at right moment because the ARIES G2 has not been designed to have digital input. Also the signal response analysis is quite complicated and it is tricky to generate compensation EQ for best performance. We would leave this part to 3rd party software at right moment.

Ok that makes sense to me. It would be great if you could at some point create a little guidance, video, white paper or something, how to best configure REW and Dirak output so it’s in a friendly format for input into the Aries G2. The 20 bands, Q setting, DBs. REW does have generic output format but also some configuration files for specific devices like MiniDSP. I tried manually setting a handful of corrections into the G2 to address some peaks that REW is showing, but it’s an endless process of tinkering, testing, more tinkering. Would a full file upload from REW be possible at some time? Using USB?