Autofill play queue



It would be great if Lightning DS had the possibility to autofill the queue: for instance you select a track to play, then the subsequent tracks from the same album or folder (in folder view) are added to the queue provided it is still empty.

I have a Bluesound device in the kitchen, they have a pretty good implementation of this. I’m missing it on my Auralic.

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This is what Lightning DS already do unless you are using folder view.


Ha ha, folder view is exactly what I am using :slight_smile:
Is there a way to implement this function in folder view as well?
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Not really for now. The data from folder view is pulled from server in real time and not at the same time, it is like 50 tracks per each pull, after you reach the 50th track at the bottom of the list then the App will pull another 50 tracks (if available). This means the App do not pull everything initially, which also means it will not add all to the device. Folderview is not a feature we are focusing on. If it is important then I think either Lumin, BubbleUPnP or Linn App works better in folderview.


Hi Xuanqian,
thank you for your answer! :slight_smile:
I will try the apps you mention. Folder view is important to me as all my music collection is neatly organized in folders, whereas the tags might not all be done correctly. I can remember fairly well in which directory each album is, and therefore consider editing the tags unnecessary (and annoying) work.