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Auralic Vega G2 Streaming DAC reviewed by Simon Wilce at Hifi & Music Source -

So this streaming DAC is perfect, two proper headphone jacks for sharing wonderful music with a partner in a European loft, a near-perfect App with Qobuz integrated and crisp accurate delivery. I’ve still got the Naim ND5 XS2 going into the Supernait 3 as well, with the Vertere 4 Din-Din system. They are not in the same price point of course but you can feel where the money is, even at this level.

I guess at this price point and with a Supernait 3 in the house, you might be thinking of the Naim NDX streamer as your source. I’ve heard it in a Demo room and it is sparkling as well. But with a superior control App in Lightning DS with Qobuz and a really sleek look, the Vega G2 is a must listen and may even have the edge. As always, listen and decide. It’s an ‘Outstanding’ for me, it has to be, just as the G1 was.

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Have to agree. Love my G2!


Little and Large, if the “Auralic” every gets trapped under that “giant” you’ll need a crane to rescue it :wink:

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Haha! Yep, ideally i’d have the Plinius lower but it just wont fit. It was a great workout getting its 40kgs up there🙂

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