Auralic Vega G2 - music server

Hi, I am thinking of getting a VEGA G2 to replace my original Aries+Vega.

Am I correct in saying that since I do not have the ARIES G2, I will not be able to use Lightning music server.

If so, any recommendations as to which music server is best for the VEGA G2.


An Aries Mini for example :slight_smile:


The VEGA G2 does run Lightning DS. I run Roon almost exclusively now though. Minimserver outside of that. for specs.

So, I can try using minimserver with Lightning DS. Do I really need to use Roon with it?

Roon is a different approach as it is more focusing on ‘music exploring’ experience. If you just need some software to manage and play your music, then Minimserver (server) + Lightning DS (control) + VEGA G2 (streamer) will work perfectly for you.

Hi, Mr Wang. So, if I use the built-in streamer in VEGA G2, can it stream up to the highest format that the G2 supports? I do not need to use Aries G2 or USB connection to achieve them, correct?

Yes, the VEGA G2 support all sampling rate up to 384K in PCM and DSD512, it does need a decent Ethernet connection to play high res music. I dont think you need USB connection. Adding ARIES G2 will give you more software features and the possibility to use Lightning Link, a way to boost sound quality.

Mr Wang, any recommendation on the ethernet cable?
ARIES G2 is my next step. However, I need to sell my old ARIES and VEGA before doing so.

I remember you telling me that I could upgrade to VEGA G2 first since it could function on its own.

I use quality Blue Jeans Cable CAT6a ethernet cable for all network audio functions.

Well, I am not a fun of cable and I always use WiFi with my AURALIC device at home so I have to say I have zero experience on the audiophile grade network cable. I hope someone else can give some feedbacks :slight_smile:

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Bought the VEGA G2. Tremendous improvement from the original aries+vega combo.
I am happy!

Exactly what I do and it’s amazing. No fuss no muss. The Vega G2 is the gift that just keeps on giving. And sounds better every day. About 2 weeks on mine and wowed daily.

I also use WiFi exclusively. When I first setup my G1 I set it to only see 5ghz. I also have it set to manual/ static IP address. It has never dropped out. Keep in mind 5ghz has much less range than 2.4ghz

From my buddy Joe…everyting in this hobby makes a difference. I am using high end Ethernet cables and it sure does help. I prefer hard wired over wireless anyday.

Always WiFi for me.

Glad that works for you

Not only for me, for a lot a people i presume :slight_smile:

Presume is like assume. Assume on there. Not for me.And I wasn’t and don’t presume for a lot of people. I’ll.leave that to you. :wink:

Ok maybe in English. Not my natural language. It was more « i imagine » or « i suppose » just a guess.

What are your WiFi problem that you can’t solve ?