Auralic Vega G2 Five Star Review 'The Ear' Jason Kennedy


’ Live recordings sounded especially magical, even the less spectacular ones have a vitality and presence that made them very hard to put down so strong is the sense of palpable reality once your eyes are shut. Ryan Adams and the Cardinals live version of ‘Hallelujah’ is a regular test track because it has so much scale and atmosphere, with the Auralic it was positively electric, with so much low level detail and immediacy that you could almost smell the excitement in the audience.’

’ The Vega G2 is very capable indeed on its own and provided me with many hours of spectacular music, the like of which I’ve rarely encountered with a digital source. Its performance is limited by the quality of signal you feed it but that will always be the way with streamers and converters. The Vega G2 is superbly built and capable of very high sound quality for the asking price, it has competition to be sure but not much of it combines such a broad feature set with such remarkable decoding abilities. I’ll be impressed if anything comes along that can do much better for the money.’

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