Auralic Vega G2 ' Best DAC 2019' Award

“Bottom line: The VEGA G2 is the best DAC I have ever tested.”-John Johnson, Editor-in-Chief "

Secrets of Home Theater/HiFi is likely the statement that helped us win the award for Best DAC of the Year in 2019!

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Congrats to the Auralic team! Very happy with my G2. Am considering the Aries G2 as the next step versus the Leo. Anybody out there have an opinion either way?

I have the Aries G2 and Vega G2. The performance is amazing. Eventually I’ll get the Leo, given that everyone says it makes the sound even better - although I can’t imagine how that is possible.

As to whether you should get the Aries or Leo first, that probably depends on whether you are happy with the streaming capabilities of the Vega G2. I store my music on a QNAP NAS and stream wirelessly. It works like a charm.

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Hi @src666,
I have the Vega G2, Leo GX and Aries G2…purchased in that order.
The addition of the Leo made a significant improvement to the SQ and I would certainly recommend acquiring the Leo before Aries if SQ improvement is the main consideration.
I bought the Aries in anticipation of the arrival of the Sirius (which, @richard.bates I am still anticipating; any news??). It did not make a really noticeable improvement to SQ, but took some of the load off the Vega and, I suspect, should be regarded as a “future problem avoidance” move. I went for the G2 rather than the G1 as the latter does not have Lightning Link to the DAC. I wanted to ensure that, in adding a dedicated streamer, if it did not necessarily improve the sound, at least it would not produce a deterioration. I had tried another brand of streamer before the Aries but did experience some SQ deterioration.


Get the Leo if you can swing it. It’s pretty remarkable. I went Vega, Leo, Aries. The Aries helped too but the Leo is spectacular.

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Just get the Vega G2 If you can $wing it, upgrade the fuse and sit back and enjoy the music. As a stand alone it flat out kills anything out there at more than twice the dough.
Merry Christmas all. THJ