Auralic VEGA G1- first impression and very important question



I’m testing VEGA G1 now.
I must admit it is beautiful full Hi-End device.
It sounds really good from the start.

But I found two things VERY strange:

  • no USB port for my pendrive with music files
  • no AirPlay connection

May I ask WHY?
Come on It is $3000 price tag product! Even my Auralic Aries Mini have it and it is 10x times cheaper product.

I would like to know why dear Auralic?
You created almost perfect streamer…ALMOST.


But you bought the DAC, not the streamer? The streamer is the Aries and works perfectly in company with your Vega!

What you did buy however is an excellent DAC with extensive, but not full, streaming capabilities.


+1 You bought a DAC with some streaming features. A Aries Mini is a streamer with some DAC features …


Yes I know. And I’m little confused.

But to be honest at this price I’m expecting something more than limited streamer with DAC or streamer with limited DAC.
Lumin have similar price offer and it is full streamer with very good DAC and with best app on the market. Auralic app is really bad if you compare to Lumin.

Aries+Vega G1 is way too much $$$ if you want streamer and DAC. You can have great Lumin or other streamer for this amount of money.

I don’t buy Auralic way of thinking about streaming then…


I cannot speak for Auralics decisions when it comes to feature sets, but to me the Vega G1 represents great value. Your requirements may not be met with just the Vega, but im sure most will be perfectly content with it’s streaming options.
I bought the Aries G1, as it suits my needs better, i already have a splendid DAC. While i occasionally use it’s AirPlay functionality, i have still never added local drives to it. (I use either UPnP from my QNAP, or let Lightning Server build a library based on the same files, on my NAS)

A cheap and simple suggestion is to grap an Airport Express and attach to one of the Vegas digital inputs?
And the files should be possible to share from your network somehow.
Or you may simple try out Roon? It’s user experinence is, imo, the best so far!


I understand your points AlfaGTV but again it is $3000 device. And when it comes to functionality my Auralic Aries Mini is better than Vega G1 LOL. Ok I agree Vega is better in sound and all technologies added.

I still don’t understand why Auralic for $3000 don’t have AirPlay and I have to buy another $1500 device to have streamer (not fully as functional as Aries Mini!).


The reason you don’t understand is because you think VEGA G1 is a streamer. Unfortunately, it is a DAC first. The original VEGA selling at $3500 is a DAC, the new VEGA G1 is only $300 more, what do you expect?


Now I know.
I only have problem spending $3500 on DAC with limited streamer option.

I really wanted to buy Auralic as I’m using it for years but I think I will try Lumin. Similar price and much more added options. And it is great streamer and DAC also. And I don’t think it sound worse than Vega G1.


Sorry it didn’t meet your expectations. The Lumin is a strong alternative if you want more streamer but a bit less DAC in the price bracket. It sounds very good too.


using the aeries mini digital out to feed the G1 VEGA is far better than using the g1 vega as a streamer . the dac of g1 is better than the vega original , the difference are not much better but it has more options. display etc. iam seriously think ING of buy the original aries to fed the g1 dac . personaLYl I dont like the finish of the new range ,every time you touch it it leave finger marks the g1 streamer price is in a region of very good streamers … the new naim nd5 takes the top of the list of streamer/dac iN the £2000 BRACKET