Auralic Vega G1 Balanced/Unbalanced O/P

I would like to utilise both sets of outputs to, two separate Amps, One driving speakers and a separate headphone Amp.
I believe this is possible, but I just want to be sure prior to trying it out.
Thank you in advance.

My Altair allows the use of both balanced and RCA simultaneously. I can’t imagine the G1 would not as well.

I have used both outputs of my Vega G2 in the past without issue (balanced to amps, unbalanced to subs). No issues what so ever. I also confirmed with Xuanqian that this is a supported configuration.

Thank you gents, a good level of reassurance there.

more units should have real balanced in/output… one of the best is to have the power amps near the speakers with shortspeaker cables and balanced cable between pre and power , one of the best upgrades in quality period

Both outputs are individually buffered, there is no sound quality degrade when you use both at the same time.

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Thank you kindly, for your responses

Even better SQ: active speakers so no speaker cables at all!:slightly_smiling_face:


That would be a complete waste of my beautiful Hegel Amp!

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