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This is a great forum, David stay with us. I am new to Auralic and I have the merak monoblocks. This forum is invaluable to me and the advice of others. The world is in conflict on many levels.

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I agree with my friends that you should ignore the negative comments and stay with us and ask any questions you want. You said nothing wrong. You have every right to inquire about your shipment date delay. Auralic wants to ship them out as soon as they can but it is out of their control at the moment. I am sure @Xuanqian will update us as soon as possible with any new developments.

I did not see any negative comments in this post. I think everybody has the right to ask questions and write remarks. But that does not mean that also everybody has the right to make it perceptive if a person makes (unintentionally) remarks without taking the reality of other persons in consideration.
And for sure if somebody makes intentionally remarks that are inconsiderate I think more people should show that everything can been said but not everything is OK.
I was happy and gave @DavidDownham DavidDownham a like for his apology. I NEVER wanted DavidDownham to leave the forum and hope like others he stays active on this forum.

You were very rude in your speech and in your tone to him. It is not your place to chastise a person on this forum. You could have chosen to respond differently but you did not.

I don’t think I was rude. I just questioned the topic.
Of course I realize that it is not enjoyable when someone addresses something like this. But if everybody stays silence when someone is inconsiderate, again even when it is not on purpose, how would there be room for insight and improvement?


I have to admit, also I myself found David’s inquiry for a delivery date a bit insensitive, considering the epidemic plague in China. But I thought, at last he probably didn’t mean to be rude and your rebuke was maybe somewhat sharp. Every forum is based on only written words and therefore it’s a common problem in the internet that harmless misconceptions tend to escalate. So, let’s stop hanging a lantern on the case and let’s all smoke a peace pipe :angel: