Auralic Sirius G2 Review - Hifi+ Magazine

Leading specialist audio magazine Hifi+ reviews the new Auralic Sirius G2 Universal Upsampling Processor -

*Leading specialist audio magazine Hifi+ reviews the new Auralic Sirius G2 Universal Upsampling Processor - *

’ We’ve blown more than a few column inches on AURALiC’sG2 system, and for good reason; the ARIES G2 Wireless Streaming Transporter, VEGA G2 Streaming DAC and LEO GX Master Reference Clock work together to deliver one of the finest streamed digital sounds you can get, irrespective of price’

’ The choice of DAC was immaterial, the improvements were universal, and compelling. They were universal in terms of music choice and in terms of decoders. It made music uniformly more analogue sounding; not in a ‘fake LP’ way, it just made music sound more visceral and real, with greater solidity, image separation, soundstage width, depth and even height and even more coherence, both in terms of frequency and timing’

’ Using SIRIUS G2 in a system means playing more music.
That’s something of an audio reviewer cliché, but here it holds because music sounds more harmonious through the SIRIUS G2’


That stack looks amazing. We’ll done Auralic. Does any have all 4 seperates in the G2 series. I am keen to see what people’s opinions are? If there is already a thread, please let me know!

Many news from last year but still nobody sell Sirius it means there is no any Sirius

Is Auralic SERIOUS about SIRIUS? Or is this vaporware? Other than this review…hard to find much legit info. What happened?

Still no place to buy it

As I understand start sell February-March 2020

It was supposed to be February. But now with the coronavirus… :worried:

We all keep our fingers crossed that the hardtimes won‘t be long. Stay healthy! (…and wealthy :wink:)


Apart from HiFi+ and my Dealer, I may be the first to audition the Sirius.(in the UK)
It’s great for those (like me) who have a large Classical Library of older recordings.
The ‘uplift’ on my older recordings was magical !
Even if I wanted to buy newly recorded HD Classical Recordings , they are just not available !
Even the specialist Recording Labels are not yet covering the large Orchestral Works(too expensive??)
(okay,there are some,before anybody comments!)
Especially when you consider many Classical listeners will possible have 3 or more of the same work.
All of a sudden my ‘old’ library becomes more relevant !
My Dealer , who has a large vinyl collection and some original open reel stuff , stated he thought it’s time to “sell it all” !!
I’ve put my money down , hope it won’t be delayed due to the coronavirus !!??

Hi David:

It is indeed delayed by coronavirus…We were suppose to ship just this month, now all original schedules are no longer available…

When can we expect delivery?

Any other questions where you show off your sensitive and empathetic skills?


I’ve spent my whole life working in a very sensitive public service! Purely an economic question the like of which ,I ( and others) are entitled to know the answer to.

. I think Auralic has not much leverage on China’s logistics nor the development of the corona virus. Every sensible human being understand that. Maybe you ,left your sensitivity at work.
More that 1000 people died already and you think you are entitled to know when there will be a shipment?


If you have followed the news, at this time nobody knows anything regarding China, so your entitlement will have to wait

I unreservably apologise for my remark !!


I actually auditioned one at home about 4 months ago (directly from Xuanqian). Great sounding addition, but truthfully, the improvement was so incremental (barely noticeable) from my Aries/Vega/Leo combo without it, that I decided against it. Maybe down the road…as unlike the Leo, you dont need to use the Sirius with other Auralic G2 gear.

David…what other Auralic gear did you use it with? Also, ignore the dopes on here. You said nothing wrong.

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Hi Orosie
I have decided not to post any further

Hi David,

That would be a real shame, we all see things differently with different priorities and sometimes say things we don’t really mean, but harsh words on a particular subject shouldn’t preclude further participation.

I hope you reconsider because although the community is small it’s usually very friendly.

I second that. Give yourself a push :innocent: