Auralic Rooms at Audio Shows


I first saw the Auralic Aries G1, G2 and Vega G1, G2 at Rocky Mountain Audio Show in Denver last October. Although it was great to see those devices and meet the Auralic people, it would have been better to be able to actually HEAR what they sounded like. I just returned from the AXPONA show in Chicago and found the Auralic gear in a nice, large room, but it wasn’t connected to any amplifiers or speakers; it was, again, just a static display. One of the reasons people attend these shows is so that they can HEAR various pieces of audio gear and compare it to other similar pieces. This is especially important nowadays since there are so few brick and mortar audio showrooms and those that are still around don’t carry nearly as many brands as they used to, so audio shows are often the only way to experience new gear firsthand.


Visit the Munich High End 9-12 May
For sure you can hear Auralic
Last year they had one of the best demo’s


I was at Axpona this year, and like last year, they had an active demo going on in a large room and were getting very good sound. I was lucky enough to come in on Sunday with little traffic at the moment and was given a good demo of the improvement rendered by the Leo GX with the Vega G2.

The prior year they also had a very good demo going on with a pair of YG Sonia speakers driven by their electronics and Merak amps.