Auralic Mini Power Supply Unit


Currently using the Auralic Mini with good results. Where can I purchase the PSU or is there another unit that is recommended??

Also looking for one preowned? Hope this is the correct category, if not please move.

Thanks for looking.


I’m selling one on hifiwigwam classifieds. Let me know if you are interested.


Just reread your post. I’m selling a Mini with a PSU, not just a PSU. Apologies.


Hi, you should try
It finds hi-fi gear all around the world :wink:


I bought an MFAX [New Linear Power Supply for AURALIC ARIES mini DC 16V /1A 30W R-transformer] on eBay, wow, bass went down through the floor and I didn’t even need more bass :joy:


Can you please share a link?
Thanks; Tim


I have been using an Sbooster linear power supply with my Mini. The SBooster made a huge improvement in sound over the stock power supply. The Sbooster has on on/off switch, which is very handy since the Mini can get pretty hot when it is on all of the time.

Here is a link for the Sbooster.


The original link doesn’t work, but this is the guy and he did say this one was identical to the MFAX when I ordered only the MFAX was a couple of quid cheaper so I went for that, the thing apparently try is the R type of transformer. I found him after searching boards, people said he was reliable and the product was great, just the English language a bit difficult. I’m very happy with mine, heavyweight thing indeed!


Thanks Tim! Will check it out.


Yup! Same here! :smiley:. Sbooster power supply, whit Ultra II upgrade.
A very good and clean power supply!:ok_hand: The Mini sounds like a €2500 - €3000 streamer whit this power supply.

Check it out here :point_down:t3:

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Great replies. Has anyone compared the S Booster vs the AURALiC Ultra Linear PSU?


There are also less costly options to consider. Take a look at the iFi iPower supply for around $50.

The iPower supply increased the resolution in the mids and highs on the Mini in my system.

The other supplies suggested here will do great, but you have more options if cost is a concern!