Auralic iOS app query

Very happy using the auralic app to control my Aries G1 from my iPad and use imbedded Qobuz. Was wondering if it was possible to set up the auralic app on a second iPad used by family member? Anyone have any experience or comments about this?

Sure. It works. I have it running on both my iPad and iPhone. So I know it runs on more than one device.

Hello Zola,
also here: 2 x iPad (an old one No. 2 and a new one) and 1 x iPhone = 3 units

best regards Rainer

Like the other guys said, no problemo.

Great I’ll set that up, thanks all!

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But, you’ll be made aware that there is no sharing of settings and preferences. Your playlists will need to be recreated on the new iPad etc. Other than that, everything is fine. :slight_smile:

Yes. You can set DS app up on a dozen iPads or phones if you want. I have it on both my iPads.

Yes, it’s too bad Auralic doesn’t have some sort of import/export of settings for the Lightning DS app, or better yet, an Auralic network profile where settings are stored (i.e. sign into the app with your network profile and it downloads/updates latest settings, etc).

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Hi Samuel,

That’s a very good idea, when I’ve reinstalled LDS I’ve often wished there was some quick way to “set it up” as before or to have the option to transfer the setup from iPad to the iPhone.

I find it very frustrating that entries under “My Stations” that are added over time instantly get lost if you delete and reinstall LDS, they certainly don’t get transferred between devices so it’s manual management every time.

You might want to consider posting your thoughts in the Feature Request section, I’ll certainly second it.

I use Lightning ds on two ipads and two iPhones Anne it is still working perfekt!

Thanks to all for comments. Have now set up an another iPad and works perfectly, as you advised! Many thanks!