Auralic G1 bluetooth codec


What Bluetooth codecs does the Auralic G1 support on its bluetooth receiver ?



It is a receiver but not AptX compatible. It will not work as a transmitter.


Very bad.A good product like G1 that is not at all cheap, it was supposed to have Aptx HD. There are much cheaper products that have Aptx HD. If you want the title of the best product, then you really need to have top components. Not just marketing.


If you’re interested in optimal quality why do you even mention bluetooth codes?
It’s like saying “I want the fastest Porsche my money can buy, but i want it equipped with bicycle wheels…”
It’s provided as a practicality, not an optimal sound transfer methodd.


Agree with you. You are right. But when you say you’re no. 1, then these nonaudiophile components must be of the highest quality. In addition, sometimes you may want to stream fast from a phone that has Bluetooth Aptx HD at 24/48 at Aries G1. But you can not …
Why not bring good components if current technology permits. It’s not an expensive chip. And why is this exaggerated economy?