Auralic G-Serie and DSD-512

are there any experiences with DSD-512 files among users of the Auralic G series?
I know this format is very rare and it does not really make sense in practice because of the size of the files.
In addition, one must expect that these files are not produced in DSD512, but later extrapolated to DSD512. Actually, I just wanted to test if DSD512 even works. I do not intend to buy such large files.
When I play DSD512 files, everything works fine at first, but after a while, the Aries G2 interrupts the process. Sometimes he starts all over again with the title, sometimes he breaks off and resets to 44.1 kHz. I did 3 tests with Aries G2 + Vega G2 + Leo Gx (current firmware)

  1. Files on USB SSD (Samsung SSD T1, 500GB) to Aries G2 USB input
  2. Files on Synology DS215j (NAS> Ethernet) under SMB with Aries G2 connection via WiFi 5GHz (AC)
  3. Files on Synology DS215j (NAS> Ethernet) under SMB with Aries G2 connection via Ethernet cable (GigaBit)
    The problem does not always occur in the same place.
    With DSD 256 and PCM 352.8 kHz there are no problems and therefore I suspect that it really depends on the amount of data.
    My GigaBit network is not really slow and I can stream 4k movies with HDR / BT2020 without any problem. Also, the USB input and the Samsung SSD T1 are certainly fast enough.

Maybe other users were already more successful?

This is a known issue that we have fixed internally, it is due to a memory leak issue. If the DSD file (any sampling rate) is bigger than 1.1GB then this problem will happen.

If it is a known issue that has been fixed internally, why is it still an issue?

Fixed internally, not yet released … More fixes will come with the next version of firmware

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The next firmware is for bug fixes only as we are working on a whole bunch of small bugs and want to get rid of them all at one time.

A good old sanity check :slight_smile: Sometimes in software Development, you need to settle down and rebase, fix stuff; to provide a big new release with a lot of features after that :slight_smile:

Today I was doing test for DSD high rates, coz I updated firmware in my audio gd’s Amanero and now I can play native perfectly. My Aries G1 has last fw 6.1.2.
I found an album recorded by hdtt in dsd 256, and started to play. All OK for the first 10 seconds, after that stopping and starting from the beginning. My G1 was impossibile to stop or swap album, was into a crazy loop, so I forced it off and restart. Problem repeated itself again. Then I realized that first 3 tracks of this album are bigger than 2gb each…tracks 4-8 are less than 1gb and play without issues (just lots of pops starting, but I suspect it’s again an Amanero affair…).
In conclusion, it seems the known problem is still there…but I understand that this is a rare and limited situation and will wait patiently.
Mr. X, any news about this will be appreciated! :blush: Thanks a lot.

I have tested the beta version 6.1.2 with my DSD 512 files and Aries G2 + Vega G2 + Leo Gx + USB SSD and they are working fine now. My largest DSD file currently has 2.83 GB and this will now play without problems. Unfortunately, I do not have DSD-256 files larger than 2 GB, so I can not test this.

I have to correct my previous statements on reading DSD 256 and beyond thru My Aries G1 with last beta fw 6.1.2.
Due to a silly initial distraction, I had not properly activated the Lightning Server, reading instead directly from the Nas.
Now the Lightning DS is properly configured, and my fantastic G1 reads all resolutions DSD files without any issue.
This teaches me once more to ask for help, rather than complaining about a problem…
I still have to understand why moving from a PCM format to a DSD and vice versa, I hear some strong pops and clicks; I suspect it’s an issue of my Audio-gd R7-HE…any idea? :thinking:

My dealer loaned me an Aries G1 to play with over the weekend. Fantastic streamer. Significant improvement over the Sonore ultraRendu I was using. My question here is about DSD512 files. On the ultraRendu the DSD512 plays but the sound quality is poor. This is using Roon. The DAC is the Denafrips Venus. When playing that same file with the G1 in place of the uR the file plays as all static. Roon says it’s playing at 512 but there is nothing there but high pitched static. The G1 has the latest firmware. The connection is via USB. All other formats play great. In fact better than great. In reading this thread it appears that DSD512 files may be a problem. Is that still the case? I have this box for a week audition before I have to send it back. This is not the end of the world as I have only one album at 512. I’d just like to know the answer before I send it back. Thanks.

Don’t give Auralic back…you will not find something better. The issue with dsd is related to your dac compatibility. I had similar adventure, finally solved. Auralic is Linux based, as many ultimate streamer of last generation.

Well I have to give it back. It’s a loaner but I do love it so I am planning to buy a new one. It’s really an amazing streamer. Like you I also think it’s the DAC. Playing DSD512 is a nice to have not a must have. I actually only have one DSD512 album. So I reached out to Denafrips for an answer. I am pretty sure they have a new board coming out soon that is capable of doing DSD1024. If so that should help with DSD512. I have way too much spare time on my hands. :grinning:

Okay, according to Alvin at Vinshine Audio the reseller for Denafrips the Venus does not do DSD512. Mystery solved. Not sure why I thought it did but at least now I know.

I have been trying to find a streamer to play DSD512 with a Chord Hugo TT2 DAC. I know that people here may say get an G2 Aries and a G2 Vega and that should work fine at DSD 512. I have an Aries Mini that I like, in part because of Lightening DS which lets me do meta data editing on Media Center 25.

I plan to replace the Mini. The question is, can I get an Aries G2 which would work well with my meta data editing and file storage approach to work with DSD 512 with the Hugo TT2? Simple question, I bet not a simple answer.

You are right, it’s not so easy to answer. I have a couple of DACs that can do DSD256 natively…
I cannot get neither of my Aries’ to play back DSD natively at all to these successfully. They both work fine with DSD128 in DoP though…

And, i recently got a Topping Nx4 DSD which does DSD512 Native and DSD256 DoP. My Aries Femto cannot do more than DSD128 in DoP with this thing.
Roon gladly does DSD512 Native via the Topping ASIO driver on an Windows computer though…

I belive Auralic must include drivers for your particular USB reciever for it to be able to do Native DSD, and i suppose you would prefer that. (DSD512 in DoP is very rare i belive)

The matter is always the same, in my opinion…Auralic il Linux based, and not many dacs (or their inside or outside usb boards) can correctly talk with it. So, the culprit is neither Auralic nor dac…it’s in the middle!

I am not sure the issue is the OS. The issue is whether the vendors support either the DoP standard at data rates required to support DSD 512. While people always reference a Windows Driver for Native DSD, there is nothing that I can think of that would prevent software (a driver) from being developed for Linux, Mac OS, or other modern operating system.

So I say the issue is with the vendors. It always is. Either they support the standard interchange format(s) or they don’t.

Well, you can hardly claim Auralic has made it easy and logical to configure your DAC correctly. You have to skip between hardware and processing setting, the DAC does not get identified correctly when selecting PCM Auto Detect. (Selects DoP up to DSD128 and then Native for DSD256 and higher)
I have, like i said, never got any DAC to work with my Auralics in Native mode. (Simaudio Moon D3 USB HD DSD module, Topping D10 and NX4 DSD and not my Nagra HD DAC either)
That said, they all work just fine in DoP mode up to DSD128 without glitches

DoP is just an encapsulation of the DSD stream. You have the DSD native stream in the DoP stream. Just some meta data to looks like PCM.

I am fully aware that it doesn’t affect the DSD content, but i does demand a rather steep increase in bandwidth.