Auralic Black friday?

Dear all!
Anyone knows if Auralic have some historic about promos on Black friday? Should I wait to buy a Vega G1?
Many thanks

Please, nobody has this information?

I would think it very unlikely Auralic do discounts, but there dealers may do so, a bit like Richer Sounds in the UK do for Cambridge Audio.

In my experience it’s not usually on the current line though, but instead to clear out old stock to make way for up and coming new lines.

If you want “cheaper” current Auralic kit it may be worth checking dealer sites for part ex units.

Thank you Simon!

You could check for your nearest Auralic dealers using this link.

Then give them a call and see what second kit they have in stock.

Although you will invariably get it cheaper privately, you normally get some form of guarantee from a dealer which for secondhand could be comforting.