Auralic aries wifi 5ghz connection

I bought Asus 86u router then joined 5ghz connection with Aries but got disconnect problem on every day, my aries using 6.13 beta firmware software, everyone got the same problem ? Or aries is not stable on 5ghz wifi connection ?

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I have an ARIES G1 which connects to a Cisco WAP 150 WiFi end point using the 5gHz protocole. These two device are very close to each other (1 meter or so). The Cisco WAP 150 is then connected to my router via Ethernet rj 45. All device have static IP adresses.
I enjoy my AURALIC ARIES G1 for nearly one year now and have no stability issues.

If you have original ARIES femto, there is a possibility that the WiFi card inside the machine is no longer working properly.

These discussions may help if it’s card related.

I tried to switch 2.4ghz wifi connection, problem fixed , no more diconnection found.

That may point towards your Router not being up to the mark, if it’s old or doesn’t have a particularly good wireless section the first signs can be poor performance with respect to reception on the 5Ghz band.

That’s because although 5Ghz is faster it doesn’t carry as far or penetrate structures as well as 2.4Ghz.

More modern designs seems to have improved the 5Ghz side of things, but you still need to be cautious of ISP supplied equipment because that still may not be up to scratch. Saying that, I believe even that is improving largely due to the fact they want to push streaming packages at you for a monthly charge, so their supplied equipment needs to be capable of that extra service.

That’s just my view and if 2.4Ghz is currently working ok and speed is not an issue you may be alright leavings things as they are, I suppose time will tell.

In those few days, it keep disconncted and no respond, need to power off and power on again, i decide to replace the wifi card, hope can solve the problem.

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