Auralic Aries problem


Ohh that was i nice link!

Im not gonna need the bluetooth as its a shitty sound:-) but airplay is ok for some sounds and videos when friends are over:-)

Thank for helping

Just keep in mind, AirPlay unlike Bluetooth requires you to allow “others” on to your network, think that is ok if your router has a “guest” option but if not you need a little trust in those you allow to connect.

ok thanks, i will keep that in mind:-)

Any solutions to this. I have both an Aries Femto and a Aries G2. Neither will fully boot. Persistent “Starting Applications” with no boot. Very frustrating


Have you tried to connect the ethernet cables instead ad WiFi? So far it Works for me

For everyone who is having issues with WiFi connection with the original Aries, have you replaced the WiFi card as I clearly explained? When you do you will not have the issues.

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To those having major Wi-Fi connectivity issues, I would certainly try to get it fixed by either replacing the Wi-Fi card yourself or get a friend that’s a bit IT/ Tech Savvy to do it for you.
If your Auralic is still under warranty then get Auralic to do this if you don’t feel confident enough in doing things like that or perhaps even opening up the box will invalidate your warranty so in that case then definitely contact Auralic & arrange for them to do it.
I say this for a couple of reasons as it’s always best to have a fully working device rather than 1 that’s not functioning fully & if you come to sell the thing it’ll certainly be worth a lot lot less if the Wi-Fi doesn’t work that’s for sure.

The guy who’s already replaced his Wi-Fi card has left a very detailed & excellent post above on how to check & find out the exact Wi-Fi card it is that you will require to purchase.
He’s also posted very detailed & accurate easily understood step by step instructions on how to open up the Aries & replace the offending little Wi-Fi card.
Full Credz to Him for taking the time to do that walk through explaining it all :wink:
I’ve only 1 thing to add & it’s to remember & Earth yourself right before messing around with electrical components as some sensitive components can get damaged even from just a little static electricity charge.
Good Luck :wink:


Anyone know if this card is the same for the Altair?

Look in the DLS app under hardware setup and see for yourself which one is in your Altair.

Thanks very much!! I replaced my WiFi module and it is working like a charm again!
Bought it on Aliexpress for 15 euros:-)

Again this made me very happy! Thank you and have a good new year.

Thats good to hear. Enjoy now!!

with my ARIES FEMTO (model 2015) I unfortunately got now the similar failure symptom ARIES STARTING hang up.
I never used WiFi, only LAN. (QNAP NAS, Fritzbox-Router, Minim-Server, Android-tablet, but no Lightning-App)). As already described above by others, this failure appeared in my case since 2-3 months more and more often, when newly powering up the ARIES after a while of non use, but this could be solved after switching off the Powersupply and reconnection. Since yesterday this don’t work any more.
all my researches so far did not reveal a definitely Problem solution/detection, from my understanding. Changing the Wifi-Card when only using LAN Mode?
Is there any experience available?
Is it perhaps a Firmware Problem? if yes, how to solve?

thank you guys. :hammer_and_wrench:

It will cost you $20 to find out. Just order another WiFi module. When I was having problems I would also experience it on Ethernet connection as well.

Hi Gerard,

It’s my understanding that if the WiFi card is going bad it not only causes problems with the WiFi connection while up and running but also the processes involved during a boot up.

I seem to recall another user that had a card issue asking if he could just switch over to using Ethernet and leave out the card entirely (he didn’t actually require WiFi), the reply was the cards still needed or the unit will not complete the boot process.

But I think the failure only applies to a certain card type and you can check to see if that’s what you have by going into LDS Setting, Additional Operations>Hardware Setup>Hardware Information>Wi-Fi Version, if it’s a 7260 you may need a replacement as Michael has advised.

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I understand now that the WifiCard is the weakest Point, if it’s “ill”, influencing the boot process of the ARIES.
I ordered the recommended Intel-Type today. When replaced, I will report here.
Thank you very much (all) for your kind and quick assistance so far. !

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Back again. Sorry to say, that I was not able to test the effect of replacing the WiFi-Card to solve the Problem. I Ordered it in the USA, but it took me to long to wait for at the end. What I did:
Contacted AUDIONEXT - support for AURALIC in Germany and sent them my ARIES.They annalyzed and said, there is a failure with the TESLA-Module (part of Mainboard), no way to overcome the failure by WiFi-Card Change. repair of the board impossible.
They offered me an other Aries instead (in exchange), after requesting in China. Cost: 435€. at the end, I had not really an alternative choice than to take the exchange solution.
Experience with the new Item: Starts up very quickly, without Interrupts. This has never been so with the old Aries, that I bought new 5 years ago. My feeling is, that my old Aries had a handicap/failure on from ist factory release.(OK, I thought, I would have to live with this).
The new one is sounding a little bit harder; less atmosphere.
may be, in 5 years ist gone.

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Good luck with your new ARIES

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So you got an Aries G1 now?

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