Auralic Aries problem


I dont have the G1 but det first Aries model:-)
I have no tried to use ethernet cable and i now seems to work.
So i cross my fingers:-)

Do you know if replace my wifi card in the first model aries? lets hear how it goes with it!

This is this model i have:

Does anybody know if i can change my wificard in my aries?

Yes you can change the WiFi card in a Aries

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“Problem Solved”. I bought mine here and it worked. It survived the night while in sleep mode and when I woke it this morning it came right on. @Xuanqian

As per @Xuanqian instructions: There are a total of 8 screws under the machine, four of them are under oval shape rubber foot which you remove first. You will see two oval thin copper plates which you can just remove. Then continue to remove the 4 screws under the tiny rubber dots towards the four corners of the bottom cover. This will allow you to remove the bottom cover plate of ARIES, then you will see another 4 screws at each corner of the black frame, remove those screws will allow you to remove the top plate from the frame. Turn it over and then you can see the main PCB with antennas attached to the WiFi module. Remove the WiFi module from the PCB first then carefully detach the antenna connectors from the WiFi module, you can try to rotate the connectors first in order to get rid of the little dot of glue that it on it. Next, remove the connectors with a small tool, gently lift under the wire at the base of the connector and connector will pop off. Don’t pull or grab the connector itself. Repeat for second connector. Remove both screws that’s secures the WiFi module to the frame and pull it out to replace. The connectors for the replacement attaches by gently placing it directly on top of the module connector but don’t push down but rather push forward and gently down and it snaps on.

You can watch how to remove and connect the connectors here. This is some other product but the technique is the same.

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My guess is this card works until it doesn’t. The heat might have been a factor. I am keeping the Aries well ventilated with a fan hitting it. Hopefully I will get a couple years out of it before it goes again. But maybe it will hold out longer. I will keep you posted on the progress.

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Ethernet cable works as it by passes the WiFi module. It may or may not drop off the network once but then after that you are good.

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Sorry for getting your device mixed up and I’m surprised @Xuanqian hasn’t entered the discussion yet, but he may be just a little busy at the moment.

With regards to a “do it yourself”, I would say it depends partly on how old your device is and therefore if it’s outside warranty, and if you feel up to the task.

Not sure how easy the lid comes off your device but if you could take a quick look inside you should then see how easy or hard the task would be.

Just my view though.

This layout may be similar to yours, still, it should give you a general feel for what’s inside though.

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@SiHancox I just posted how easy it is to do above. Either you can pay to have it done or do it yourself. The instructions were given to me by @Xuanqian so I don’t know how much more he can add to this topic. The new updated G series equipment all have different WiFi modules.

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@Mlmowery Sorry, didn’t pickup on your instructions, my mistake, for some reason it’s only just appeared in the discussion on my iPad.

Anyway, the only image I could find to give Gino some idea of what may be inside (and what he faces) is posted above, but not sure if that will be like his or not.

PS. Glad yours appears sorted.


@SiHancox That is a good point. That picture shows a different WiFi module which could have been a prototype before they actually decided on which WiFi module they would go with in production. Ok there is an easy way to know for sure which one we all have. Go to the LDS app and go to your additional settings and go to hardware set up. Scroll to bottom and it lists the details of your hardware. Look for WiFi version. If it says 7260HMW then that is the one I have and have listed how to get a replacement. If it is another one and you are having problems with it then you need to order that model.


@Mlmowery Good point in using LDS, with your description on how to access case, LDS to confirm card and the image to give a little insight to what hides inside, Gino should have enough information to undertake the task - if he’s not infringing any outstanding warranty and he feels confident enough.

Must admit, from what you have supplied and with the other info I would be happy doing the change over if it was my device, but Gino has to decide.

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Thank you very much with the description!
It is a very good help!

I will find the WiFi card inside eu because we have taxes in denmark.

As for now my Aries are working fine and I will play on the Ethernet cable for a little while to rule out any other problem:)

Thank again


I think I have the guts for the change of card:) there’s no more warranty on it.

I forgot to mention that for a few month the music stopped playing and couldn’t find the Aries in the lds, it glitched sometimes and sometimes it came again others times a had to turn power off on the plug.
So think the WiFi card could be the sinner, I hope:)

I haven’t noticed that my Aries become very warm but I will see to it the next days.

Sorry the last answer where send wrong, the thanks is to you for the description:)

Time will tell, if the switch to Ethernet resolves both the startup freeze and the loss of connection during play, then you have your answer.

It’s possible though that the latter could of been due to a general network issue instead, I’ve had a few startup’s that don’t show my device in LDS (basically have to relaunch LDS) and the consensus from the forum is my Router is probably not up to the job.

I’m in the middle of changing that so hopefully I’ll be able to report back on what happens.

Anyhow, I’ve just re-read @Mlmowery guide again and it’s very detailed so I don’t believe you will have any issues doing the upgrade.


Yeah time Will tell.

Hope the cable fix both off the problems. But later on i Will try to change the WiFi card.

Sound good you Will report back to me :slight_smile:

Today i try Play dsd, i didnt went well.
It Will sometimes Play the tracks but often it dont. Then i have to change dsd music from another artist to another, then sometimes it Will Play the track?
Have any of you the same problem?

Can’t help with DSD because I’m still only playing around with FLAC 24/96, and it’s all internal to the Mini anyway, in other words I don’t use separate dac or storage.

I’m sure someone will be able to though.