Auralic Aries problem


Im starting to have a problem with my 1 gen. aries.

Every time i try to start it, it just says ´starting aries´ and it just keeps doing that and wont start up??

If i take the powersupply of it and then plugs it in it works again until next time i turn it on then it says starting aries!

Can anyone help me on this problem?

Best Regards

You may want to read through and follow these discussions, because I’ve noticed a few are now reporting start-up issues (and freezes), although with different devices and I don’t believe the cause has been narrowed down yet.

Dis you try a hard reset with a paper clip ? You can find the bold near the Aries feet.

Ahh thank you, i have now read it but why is auralic not responding on this matter? That is shit.

I Will try to chance from WiFi til lan tomorrow to see og IT is the wlan card


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Yes without Any Luck :frowning:

The Altair discussion dates back to 2017 and I believe Auralic have tried to get to the bottom of the issue from what I’ve read, think they have also tried exchanging some devices.

It was thought to be network card related at one point but then I read that firmware might be suspected, but because it’s happening to different devices I would consider it is hard to actually pinpoint, but that’s just my view.

I have an Aries Mini and just over a week ago saw the same stuck on startup, but fortunately it didn’t appear to be from the same cause as others are reporting, because my issue was tracked back to a certain hires album and once deleted all was back to normal.

All I can suggest is keep watching the discussions and may be do a search for any others, you could also review what firmware you are on and if any beta’s are available. A reset has already been suggested but you could also see if you have recently downloaded any very hires files that you believe could coincide with the start of your issue. Switching from wireless to cable or vice versa is something else that’s been talked about.

The only other thoughts I have is to switch wireless bands, if on 5G then try 2.4, or the reverse, even try re-downloading the LDS app, basically give everything a go and see if you get lucky.

Sorry, but can’t think of anything else to try at the moment.


Yeah i have read the discussions about it but no help to make it work.

I have now reboot my aries and tried to do lan over wifi and see if this helps! i had some problems setting it up but after a few hours of trying it now scanning music files and hopes the LAN connection fix the problem! but is the LAN connection not a lesser connection regarding the sound quality?

If this wont help i might try the beta version to see if that does it, but i dont know!

Hope Auralic soon is gonna fix it.

Thanks for helping mate, thats nice!

Best Regards

Can’t be 100% but I’ve always considered cable affords the better quality connection when compared to wireless, whether that’s for sound quality or reliability, but I don’t have enough experience with Auralic devices so other’s may correct me on that.

It’s usually practicalities that sometimes dictate the latter though.

That’s assuming you mean Ethernet cable when mentioning LAN.

Probably a daft question but did you try and look back to the exact time all this started, just to see if you could connect it with any changes that may have took place with your system, be it on the network (Router), control device (iPad) or the Aries itself?

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Yeah im allso preferred cables but auralic States thats WiFi is the best, i dont know.

No changes in the setup or something like that, not something i noticed. No new music files or something.

Yeah lan and i mean ethernet cables :slight_smile:

Hope this fix my problem! Today i had to unplug the powers cable 3 times before it worked.

It’s totally depends of your system. With wifi you will never have issue with electric noise if you have this issue (it’s not common to all network setup, it depends of your switch, router etc …).

If Wifi is inferior to Ethernet, it means that the Wifi card create like RFI pollution inside the device itself. But the Ethernet can do that too regarding the plug you use :slight_smile:
Some routers/switches have galvanic isolation (not a 100%) that block a part (or total, again, depend of your network gear) of the electrical noise.

A data trasmit by wifi or cable will be the same at the end, regarding it’s integrity.

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May be Xuanqian will pickup on this discussion and give some further input, even if your switch to cable works on a temporary basis.

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I’ll throw this out there. I bought a Netgear Router that decided one day it just didn’t like to work with my Gen1 Aries… Replaced it with another same model and make… didn’t want to play nice either. Replaced it with an Asus never had another issue.


Router brand or a specific settings enabled or disabled in each model ? Not a simple answer :slight_smile:
It can be UDP related or something like that for the broadcast or a DHCP issue … hard to know.

I do have a Apple TimeCapsule and I have 0 issues (i’ve a time capsule and the WiFi is extended with an AirPort Extreme)

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We already know the WiFi card in the original Aries can be faulty or can start to go bad as per Xuanqian. I have to keep unplugging mine when it freezes up and drops off the network. I have tried the 2ghz band as well. Direct Ethernet works the best.

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Same problem with my Altair… I don’t use wifi anymore, only ethernet => works much better.

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With the original Aries and the WiFi crappy card you are 100% right :slight_smile:
It’s an intel problem (and shame on this serie)

For the G2 serie, WiFi works flawlessly.

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But wouldn’t Gino have been having this issue from day one, from original post it appears to be recent. Can these WiFi cards just start to go wrong, in other words start to get unreliable after a period of time, from say heat exposure!

I don’t know enough about Auralic gear to form an opinion but with other electronics my experience is if it starts off reliable it usually remains that way unless changes are made to either hardware or software, and it’s often then latter.

This has got me thinking about my Mini now, because it does run warm which I realise is common in computing, but the rest of my HiFi units are always a lot cooler and have run trouble free for over 10 years.

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The problem come after months or week with the wifi card. I do not know exactly what is the problem, but it seems to be a design flaw.

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I really hope this isn’t something that can happen to the Mini (haven’t seen any posts to the contrary anyhow), because I don’t have the option of using cable due to location.

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The mini has a different WiFi card so it’s not effected. I just replaced my WiFi card in my Aries Femto and so far so good. We shall see if it stays connected over night.

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