Auralic Aries Mini - Wired mode


I have just tried (for the first time) the analog output of aries mini with external amp. Dead silent, no noise at all. But i stream via wifi as i don’t have any rj45 cable. Internal dac is good, but not as good as my external dac/ headphone amp. So usb output is on my setup a must.


@KennerBoy Thanks, itd be great if somebody else could check wired though - as I already know it’s fine wireless. I’m getting my dealer to sanity check too.


I’m using the Auralic Mini only using eth cable and there is no issue (I’ve turn off the wireless and bluetooth). To my ears looks like an external interference (like a radar, mobile phone in GSM mode…). Could you please leave the eth cable pluged only in Mini and see if it is still the same noise? Also you can plug it in the your laptop (it will not have net connection but just to see if the noise is still there),


Yeh it does seem like external interference. At first I thought it could be the baby monitor, but I’ve turned everything off, and it’s still doing it.

Although, I just plugged it into a Naim Superuniti, and there’s no annoying noise any more. So perhaps it’s something only the Amp box s2 and Polaris are susceptible to? I just don’t know.


Just did a bit of googling and came across:

If adjusting the volume control has no effect on the interference level, the radio signal is likely to be entering through one of the output stages via the loudspeaker leads or the power leads

…as mentioned in my first post, the volume has no affect on the interference level. :thinking:


Dealer confirms no problem with my unit, so I guess there’s something messed up in my house :frowning:


Could also come from the neighbourhood. I was told once of someone having such electrical interference coming from the lift of the house when somebody was using it.


Might be just your rj45 cables faulty , try exchanging those .


Thanks @Kennerboy, but they are not in the chain.


Sorry i forgot this, last chance is to check the aries mini power supply unit ( try to swap for another one) if not faulty go for wifi , adding a wifi repeater next to the cupboard you want to store the aries mini in.


So I’ve tried 3 units (and therefore 3 power supplies), so the Aries Mini’s are not the problem as such - however, I do think it is they that are the source of the noise, through no fault of their own? Something in my house that affects them (when in Wired mode). I’ve never had anything like this before, so was reluctant to believe that could be the case.

When navigating the iOS app, I can ‘hear’ the changes I make as distortion over the speakers. i.e. Clicking a menu item, say changing from Wired to Wireless would cause a noise to be produced.


Ok i see you have investigated everything, then i would say if you cannot cure the source , try to cure the receiver : try another rca cable, including between preamp and power amp if any, then check your AC power plugs and cables on your preamp / amp. Make sure their shielding drains the wall oultlets and not connected to ground of your preamp amp.


Coincidentally I also use my Minis with a Pro-ject power amp. I have three in total and have had some noise from one of the amps but I just unplugged and re-connected everything all all was well…


Will you have same noise if you use Polaris as streamer? (network cable plug into Polaris)


That would be the next step to debug! But I no longer have it.
Thanks for everyones help. I’m sure it’s nothing to do with the Auralics. ta


Most of the times noise problems are in touch with ground effects.
Ask your dealer if he can let you try different rca cables.
For some explanations see this topic (in French…sorry …).