Auralic Aries Mini - Wired mode


I’ve tried two Auralic Aries Mini’s now and both output periodic distortion noises when in Wired mode.

This happens even when no ethernet cable is attached. It just has to be in wired mode and plugged into an amplifier with the Analogue out (not tried digital)

  • Changing the volume does not increase the loudness of the noise
  • I’ve tried two different amps (Pro-ject amp box s2 and Auralic Polaris)
  • I’ve tried into two different speakers (ceiling speakers and Neat IOTA Xplorers)
  • I’ve tried different power sockets
  • I’ve tried different interconnects

Any ideas what could be causing this? I’ve got a third Mini on the way. I’ve made a bit of a shoddy video:

…switching to Wireless fixes the problem, but I can’t use Wireless in this case, as the units will be hidden away in a cupboard.


When wired it could be usefull to connect your Aries Mini directly to an ethernet switch and then from the switch go to your router with another rj45 cable. May be this will help. Have a try.


@Woodycatz Thanks, but the noise happens when the Wired connection is enabled (on two boxes). Regardless as to whether a cable is plugged in or not.


You could also try an Ethernet filter…
Many have good results with MI1005 type.
Which is on the cheap side: < $100


What are your two boxes ? and are they powered at the same time ?


You should try this to find out which device is putting noise on your aries.

Unplug the power of all the device.

Plug power on your Aries and pregressively plug the other device one after the other to see which one makes the noise appear.

If you have CPL in your home (hope this is the right print in english) it can also bring noise to hifi device.


My point is this is coming from the Aries directly. Nothing attached. Just straight into an amp. By two boxes I mean I’ve tried two aries.


So, right you meen two different boxes (Aries).
Well, I have never tried “just straight into an amp”. My Aries G1 goes USB out to the USB in on the dac which then goes to the pre-amp and only then to the amp and at least to the loudspeakers.
But this has nothing to do with the Aries wired or not wired to your router.
There is something wrong with your ethernet on your router or another device in your house or a neighbours device which generates that noise.
Should not the ARIES be ethernet wired to a router and not “just straight in the amp” ?


I don’t think you understand. There is nothing wrong with the router as it’s not in the chain.


Sorry then. It’s not easy to help when not on the place at your home. Anyway good luck in getting rid of that noise…


Yeh :confused:
Here’s the chain for clarification:
Auralic Aries Mini (no input at all) -> analogue out -> power amp


Ok, I’m with you.
Analogue is RCA to RCA, am I right ? You don’t have din entries on your amp ?
Could it be you missed any parameters to adjust in selecting the RCA entry of your amp or any other adjustment parameters on the output of your ARIES MINI ?
If possible try another rca entry on your amp or another rca to rca cable.


I went to see the doc of your amp. The question maybe a question of compatibility between the Aries and your amp. May be you need a pre-amp. Anyway if you have another rca to rca cable try it. Also try to get in touch with the support of your amp’s company to ask them if they have experienced some compatibility issues with Auralic devices.


Yes, but I tried it into another amp too. The Polaris. There is a weird noise, but admittedly it is slightly different. (See latter half of video)


I don’t see how ‘compatibility’ could be the cause because it doesn’t explain why turning off Wired mode stops the noise. Thanks for your help though


Is the noise similar in both of the two loudspeakers?


How often is periodic? And for how long does this strange noise appear?


You can hear in the video how frequently it happens. The second half of the video is quieter so you’ll need to turn it up a bit.


Two suggestions;
Move the Aries to another location, more than two meters away, does the sound remain?

Secondly, does the same sound appear if you actually plug a network cable in?


@AlfaGTV Yes the sound does appear if you plug a network cable in, and it is audible when playing music. But it’s most annoying in the kitchen ceiling speakers, because the sound is right above your head.