Auralic Aries Mini Reviewed - Hifi & Music Source


Auralic Aries Mini reviewed on-line at Hifi & Music Source. Simon Wilce writes -

’ I have found the Auralic Aries Mini to be an outstanding piece of high performance equipment. Performance which I have not seen since the…. Polaris. Really, my Auralic experience of the last year or so has been been one of excellent, reliable, high quality performance without drama, glitches or other such headaches.
Because I’ve not still got the Auralic Aries Mini, I won’t wax on about sound-stages and the like, suffice to say my overall experience has been excellent. My KEFs have been singing beautifully for the last few weeks now and the Mini contributes hugely to a very high end presentation. My stock hi resolution performances, such as Radiohead’s ‘Subterranean Homesick Alien’ and ‘Style’ by Taylor Swift have come across with bags of detail and drive, respectively. Not for the first time with these Auralic products and Lightning DS App, I have repeatedly found myself lost in music purely because the music choice through the App is simple to get involved with you just forget what you are doing and scan for new music and old favourites as hours just fall away.’

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