Auralic Aries G2 + Bricasti M1 SE


Hi everyone,
I was interested to know if anyone had already experienced about this pairing. I own a Bricasti M1SE dac and I was thinking of replacing my Bryston BDP-2 with a new streamer, so I thought it might be Aries G2.
In your opinion, could it be a excellent and satisfying “marriage”?


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It seems to me that this marriage should not be done… :grin:


Hi, we have never tried Bricasti DAC, are you looking for suggestion for sound character advise?


Hi Xuanqian, I had in mind to upgrade my digital transport with a more current one, and I had also thought about an Aries G2. So I was curious to know if someone had already tried pairing with my dac. In any case (even if you’ve never tried it), your opinion is welcome. Certainly Bricasti does not have an L-LINK connection, I normally use an AES / EBU cable, and more rarely USB. Regards Roberto


My experience is that Aries and Vega G2 via Lightning Link offers state-of-the-art SQ, not at least problably caused by the hardware architecture and the interlink prototol. It is a league better than USB.
Have in mind, I have heard a lot of digital devices - but of course not all. But none of these I have heard has the crisp and correct transients and correct voicing as the G2´s


I believe what you say, but with Bricasti M1 I can’t use Lightning Link. I’m not even going to replace it because besides playing divinely, I only bought it 8 months ago …


Bricasti M1 is really an excellent product. Enjoy it in full scale!


Bricasti has a different sound comparing to our device, you can not tell which one is better. It is true that you can not use Lightning Link for it but it is hard to tell AES/EBU or USB is better. I would suggest USB when possible but you do need a good quality USB cable.


Can You suggest some USB cable that You consider great? (possibly not costing as an Aries G2) :smile:

Curious Cables could be an interesting USB cable?

Many Thanks


Curious cable are good or an audioquest carbon for eg is a good start, even a cinnamon (cheaper)

But if you can borrow them or have a return policy, it’s always a good thing to have in case of you hear no difference.

Try AES too, depending of your DAC, the AES can be better (it’s the case with DCS or Totaldac for example). But you need to test :slight_smile:


AES/EBU is what I have been using for several years, limit is that the Bryston BDP-2 to play DSD file, needs to use USB digital output.
I have never investigated whether even with the Bricasti dac I should exclusively use the USB input for DSDs.


I understand and your are right …

But sometimes, AES with PCM can sound better than USB with DSD64 :slight_smile: The only way to be sure is to test :wink: We can have some surprise some times.

My DAC can handle the DSD64 through AES, so it’s easier to test for sure. If you have a friend that can borrow you some cable, you can check the difference and maybe save money to not buy an USB cable, or improve sound quality with an USB cable !


…or purchase a better AES/EBU cable than my current Bryston 110 ohm. Also for this type of cable would You look at Audioquest with an AES Carbon? Perhaps to feel real differences from my Bryston, something more expensive is needed …


It really depends on how the DAC has been designed, some will sound better with AES input. I dont know about dCS but TotalDAC sounds better with AES which I tested in person. I think it is important to find out if AES or USB sounds better on the DAC then invest for expensive cable.

I vote for AudioQuest USB cable as well. There are too many brands produce USB cables that do not comply with USB 2.0 High-Speed standard. Those cables will not work and will result in random drop or click noise while playing music.


I’m using an Audioquest AES carbon and it works vey well. You can try a Coffee too, but it’ more expensive. I didn’t have a chance to test a Coffee or a better cable than my AES carbon for now.


I have applied USB connection to VEGA G2 from three streamers. On all streamers I occasionally experienced issue with sampling frequency chat, that the DAC did not lock into the signal and returned into white noise.

On Lightning Link between Aries and Vega I never had any of these issues.
Besides, the sound quality is substantially better that any other connections between the to units. L-Link works.