Auralic Aries G1

I have the Aries G1, and I am trying to set it up. I have an Audiolab MDAC+ DAC of which doesn’t seem to connect up - I’m using the Aries G1 “DAC” USB A to the DAC’s USB B, and Aries by WiFi. There is no sound out of the speakers but I’m seeing the Aries cover art and playing of tracks streaming through Tidal. I’m hearing that it could be the USB A - USB B cable not being recognised by the DAC. However, this is surely what Auralic promote to use isn’t it? Some say the best option is a coax cable. One other thing is that the Aries G1 is not reading the Audiolab MDAC+, so I cannot set it up as a DAC in the Aries G1 output channel. At present all the output channel states is Aries G1.Any help greatly appreciated.

You need to make sure that the Streamer Output is set to output to USB. I had this same issue when I got mine. It was set to output from the other output channels. You need to select it via the front panel or via the Lightning DS web page.

Thanks jaiello, but all I am seeing under “Hardware Setup”-“Output Channel” is AriesG1 Digital Ouputs. When I click the drop down menu - this is the only choice.

Well that is your problem. I get two choices. The first one is Combo384 Amanero. The other is the Aries G1 Digital Outputs. Not sure how to help if you don’t have access to the Combo384 Amanero output. Maybe reboot?

It is set to Auto in reboot anyway - but I don’t think that will do anything, maybe in an hour when it reboots I might get lucky. Other than that I don’t know.

Why wait. Power it down via the back panel and power it back up again.

I’ll do it now, thanks jaiello.

No, off at the back - but no joy I’m afraid.

Jaiello, do you use the USB A - USB B as your connection, and not a coax?

Yes I do. I have the exact same Aries G1 as you. I have it connected via USB to my DAC. The DAC is on the USB input. I see two selections in the drop down menu under Streamer Output. If you can’t get that Combo384 Amanero selection in that section I am afraid that you have a problem. Is your G1 new? Did you just get it?

It is 8 months old, bought secondhand. It came from Analogue Seduction Peterborough. They demo’d one for me 3 weeks ago but theirs was connected by coax socket. I think I may have a long painful journey on this streaming lark. I still have my cd player, thankfully. Thanks for the help though.

Sorry why do I need combo354Amanero?

Hi @PaulK
I’m guessing that the Aries cannot see the DAC. Have you set the Audiolab’s input to USB? And you still don’t get a USB option in the Aries output menu?? If so, you might need to raise a request with Auralic Support, ie why can you not get the USB option in the Aries menu.
I recently had a similar sort of problem with my Aries G2 and Vega G2 combo. I went looking for upsampling options in the Aries menu and could not find them. I queried Support and learned that Auralic considers the setup I have using Lightning Link produces optimal results…so they hide the upsampling menu so that the user won’t mess things up.
Different situation to yours, but sometimes there is an unusual explanation as to why you don’t get a menu listing you expect.

Not sure if that is what everyone’s says. Now that I think about it that is the interface on my DAC so the G1 is seeing my DAC interface which is the Amanero USB interface. Maybe it’s the USB interface on the DAC? Have you ever used it before?

Paul I decided to try something. I turned my DAC off and now the only option I have in Streamer Output is the same ones you see. In other words if there is no DAC present you don’t see the option to enable the DAC in the Streamer Output. This might be good news for you as there might not be anything wrong with the G1. Could it be the DAC? Do you have the correct input selected on the DAC (the USB input)? Is the DAC on? Do you have another cable you can try (even a cheapie one should work)? Hav you ever used the USB interface on that DAC before?

Thanks jaiello. Right, the DAC is brand new too. I am having a problem trying to install the latest firmware/drivers onto this Audiolab DAC - could that be it? I am in conversation about this with Analogue Seduction Peterborough at this time. It sounds like it is maybe the DAC not talking to the Aries G1, doesn’t it. Input wise, I have tried both USB’s - although clearly I should be using just the PC USB channel according to the manual. The trouble is, is that if I disconnect the USB A from the Aries G1 and plug into my MacBook Pro USB A, I can go on Safari and play any track through Youtube and the DAC displays the 44.1KHz and outputs through my PMC speakers. So, I know that the DAC can work on that PC USB channel, which goes someway for what AS are saying about why they use coax instead of USB A - USB B as in the Aries manual. However jaiello and others are using USB A - USB B and this is fine. I’ll get onto AS this afternoon and see if I can get the latest drivers etc installed and let you people know. Thanks for all of this help everyone, much appreciated

Hi millerg3, thank you for taking the trouble to comment. Basically I slipped up I suppose. After demo’ing the Aries G1 with the Audiolab MDAC+ at Analogue Seduction I went out and bought the Chord Shawline USB A - USB B, as I thought this was the connection type what Auralic suggest. However, I didn’t realise until yesterday from a phone image I took at the audition, that AS were using a “coax” cable for connection between the Aries G1 and the MDAC+. Now they are saying I should maybe be using this type of cable as there could be problems using USB/USB - really!? I don’t really want to have to take the USb/USB cable back as it was 2mtre made to order! As previously mentioned to jaiello, I’m going to definitely try to get the latest firmware version into the MDAC+ this afternoon if possible. I need AS to tell me how they do it as when I load the mini disc into my MacBook Pro, nothing happens with the MDAC+! It doesn’t show an icon to drag and drop onto, or anything. Nothing appears on the MDAC+ display to accept the updates etc. Maybe it’s just the MDAC+ playing up gents - and not the Aries G1. I’ll keep everyone informed later today. Thanks to all for their help and time.

Hi Paul, did you have to install a DAC driver for the MacBook to work? If you did then I’m afraid that DAC is not a compatible USB DAC for Auralic (it needs to have been built to a driverless USB standard).

The order you power on is also important if it is a compatible DAC. Power off both devices, power on the DAC first and let it initialise then power on the Auralic and let it initialise. Now check for the DAC appearing as a selectable output in the Auralic software.

The Chord cable is a fine choice by the way :blush:

As previously mentioned I auditioned the Audiolab MDAC+ with the Aries G1 - so I know it is compatible. Thanks.

Apologies, I thought you had tested it at the Dealer with a coax connection…