Auralic Aries G1 'Best Buy' - The Ear

’ It’s hard to assess the sound quality of a streamer because it’s dependent on the source and DAC that it sits between but it nonetheless has a character that is revealed when comparisons are made. The first one has to be does it make sufficient improvement to the output of the server, which in this case is the remarkable Innuos Zenith SE, putting the Aries G1 in circuit between that and the ifi Pro iDSD DAC resulted in a much more solid and present sound’

’ The G1 is a very nice piece of kit, it does most of what the G2 does and offers the same high quality user experience thanks to Lightning DS. If you want to hear what streaming is really all about you need a good streamer, the Aries G1 is a good streamer, no doubt about it ’

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Congratulations on the great review. It’s well deserved, in my opinion.