Auralic Amplifier

Approx 18 months ago you said “watch this space” regarding a new Auralic Amplifier.
Any update on this.


We did build a pair of 1200Watt monoblock prototype and used them during AXPONA 2019 and Munich 2019. However we eventually decided to stop that project due to the high cost and low demand for the project. We may consider to design a small output power stereo amplifier in the future.

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Thanks for letting me know.
Do Auralic still manufacture the Merak mono amplifiers ?

That is a serious shame, I have been looking to invest in the Auralic Merak, to pair with my Musical Fidelity Primo Valve amp. I apprieate the cost element, but there is demand for this!

@Xuanqian are the prototypes for sale?:sunglasses:

I would have been happy with 500 watt 8 Ohmn mono blocks. That would have cut down on costs.

Agreed, that would be something.

Even 250 or 300W !

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@Xuanqian is a bit of a Baller so he goes all out or nothing. lol

Seems so :yum:

I have just bought a pair of Merak.
Should have them in the next few days

There seems to be a number of customer waiting for the new meraks.Surely it can’t be difficult to let your customer know what happening !!

I think he just did

250 Watt stereo seems to be enough for most people?

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@Xuanqian Yes 250 watts sounds good. Will this be mono blocks?

Yes 250W at 8ohm and 400W with 4ohm seems standard and can drive a confortable part of the loudspeakers on the market I suppose no ? :grinning:

250w monos for me too.If they are as good as the other G2 products !

I wrote to Xuanqian Wang(XW hereafter) to ask him directly, when would the new Meraks be produced.
He replied “It is not coming, at least in near feature, it appears people love monoblocks but they just dont want to buy them. Our MERAK sales number were very poor so we may not build them anymore.”
I questioned XW further. He invited me to post my thoughts on this thread.
He further stated “We want to see what people saying and what they want as we dont want another failed product.”
So, I will post my thoughts !
Firstly, why did I have to write to you XW personally to get this response? If this is to be the thread by which XW is to judge what ‘appertite’ there is for new Amps, then surely it would be best to say so!
I would go further! You must have the names and address’s of current owners.Would it be a good idea to canvass their opinions. I have currently asked my Dealer and the UK Distributor about the possibility of new Meraks and it seems nothing is known even though XW has posted several times (on other threads ) that “they are coming” !
So, firstly,I would question why the existing Meraks have not sold ! Is it to do with performance? I’ve not heard them! The reviews are good ,so it must be another reason!
Some years ago,I had a discussion with my then Dealer who stated that where there was a choice between Black and Silver,80% of customers wanted Black ! To my knowledge the old Meraks were only available in Silver.
I’m not sure of this but I suspect the old Meraks pre-date the production of the current series of Electronics. I’m interested in the ‘G2’ series of products. As such ,I own Black Vega G2 and the Leo GX
(I don’t own the Aries G2 as I have a Innuos Statement) I get to audition the Sirius in a few days time(I’m told it’s good!!) I currently have my system in my Study. The components do not have to ‘match’ . They do not have to please anybody else on the grounds of appearance. I am currently putting together another system in my Lounge where they are going to be judge not just on sound quality( by me) but also they will have to pass the WAF test !!(and yes,I’ve over done it before so I’m under strict instructions what will be acceptable !!)
The ‘G2’ series of products tick all the boxes ! They sound good ! The reviews of all products are excellent,we all know that ! (I happen to know what the review of the Sirius is likely to say but I have been asked not to talk!!) I’ve compared these products along side much more expensive Brands,I love them. Not only do they sound good but they look good too ! They pass the WAF test ! However, if I were to buy Auralic Amps to go alongside the Vega/Leo/Sirius, I want BLACK !!
So XW , we all know the Current G2 products are a success, why would the addition of G2 Amps not be !!??
I currently run Mono Amps. Are you are saying Customers don’t want Monos or didn’t want the Meraks.
I suspect if you produce a range of Amps in the G2 series in black, they would sell(subject to quality,which isn’t likely to be in doubt !)Some potential buyers may prefer a Stereo Amp which is a consideration you may wish to think about. However, if there’s another advantage to Class D based designsis that they are resonably small. So for me, Monos would be ideal !
XW, I think you owe it to your existing Customers to produce these Amps for no other reason than you’ve already stated you will. However, forgetting that,I just think they will sell now that the other products have set such a high ‘benchmark’.
So, same bodywork and black, Stereo and Mono (Mono for me) they are sure to be a winner !! As for power rating…Class D has never lacked for ‘watts’ so not a prime consideration

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These is a strong market for these mono blocks. I think that a redux in the g1 /g2 chassis and a stereo option would be ideal. In black please, I am waiting for my merak to arrive and would have preferred that in black to match my set.

Not sure it’s a strong market :slight_smile:
What I can see for manufacturer for now is more a one in box amp+dac+streamer :slight_smile:

Hifi is a niche market. I do not know who many piece Auralic sold per year but I’m pretty sure it’s not 1 000 000 :slight_smile: